2016 Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle Brings Off-Road Talents And 140+ Mile Range


While many electric motorcycle startups have fallen by the wayside, Zero Motorcycles remain standing. For good reason, too, since the outfit makes consumer motorcycles that adeptly straddle that fine line between utility and fun. With the 2016 Zero DSR, the outfit steps it up in the fun department, injecting their dual-sport model with a fresh boost of power and torque.

Boasting 25 percent more power and 56 percent more torque than the DS, the new model runs on an air-cooled Z-Force Motor that boasts high-temperature magnets to ensure improved performance while riding for extended periods at high speeds. That means, you can push it as fast as you want for as long as you want in any terrain of your liking, all while getting the performance you’re looking for the entire time.


Producing 67 horsepower and 106 pound-feet of torque, the Zero DSR can hit top speeds of 98 mph and a 0 to 60 of 3.9 seconds, making for one fun steed to pilot both in the open road and more rugged terrains. That’s right, this thing can handle the off-road, with a custom-tuned Showa suspension, Bosch ABS, and Pirelli dual sport tires serving you just as well when riding less-than-paved trails. The onboard Z-Force Power Pack battery can keep it running for a smidgen over 140 miles in a single charge, with the optional Z-Force Power Tank extending that to 179 miles of city riding or 86 miles in the highway at high speeds.


Available now, the 2016 Zero DSR is priced at $15,995.


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  1. Trevor

    The 2016 Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle has a range of up to 140 miles. Although I would still prefer a much longer range, 140 miles is much better than many other electric motorcycles being sold right now. With the Force Power Tank you can extend up to 179 miles, but that is only 86 miles at faster speeds. Not nearly enough, but the resale value of this will tend to be higher than other e-motorcycles so you can upgrade to a longer range electric motorcycle in the future when it is released.

    As stylish as this bike is and as full of goodies as it is, the $16,000 price tag will keeep many people from buying it. The technology is getting closer to what we need, but it is not there yet. For $16,000 I can buy almost any fuel-based motorcycle and get a lot more for my money. I am excited about how high-tech this bike is, but the range and price will keep me from getting one.

    • Jeremiah

      Why would you ever consider one. Did you know they they do not make battery packs or support units older than 2010? That’s right a 6 year old motorcycle is junk to them. Cant buy a new battery and wont replace broken ones. Its junk. There are no aftermarket batteries for them either. 16k for a bike thats only good for 6 years? No thank you. Never again.


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