A Leopard-Print Rolex Cosmograph Daytona… For Men…For Real


"Hey dude.  I want to sell you a luxury Rolex with diamond and sapphire stones, decked on top of a leopard print design.  Are you interested?"

That may as well have been whispered to me by some suspicious-looking cat in a back alley cause I'd think whoever said it was out of his mind.  A Rolex with a leopard print - are you kidding me?  Apparently not, as evidenced by this special edition Rolex Cosmograph Daytona that recently went on sale at JamesList.  Ack.


The watch has an 18-karat yellow gold case, with 36 baguette cognac sapphires around the body and eight diamonds festooned on the dial.  Another 48 diamonds are decked right where the strap (with its 18k yellow gold deployable clasp) connects to the frame.  Both the bejeweled dial and the leather strap are clad in loud yellow, black and red leopard print.

Bling-bling is one thing.  A leopard print for a Daytona, long considered as the  most beautiful Rolex ever produced, is a whole other deal.   Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  Proof:  check out Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant's wife) wearing one in public below.  In fairness, it doesn't look half bad (okay, maybe just a little) in her arm, although the JamesList auction says the one on sale is a men's piece (actually, I suspect Vanessa is wearing Kobe's timepiece).


According to the auction page, the watch on sale has never been worn.  Seriously.  What man in his right mind would wear leopard print on his arm?  Oh wait, I would.  Sadly, the $46,000 asking price is a little too rich for my bank account.

[JamesList via Luxist]

3 Responses

  1. Will

    You know the pictures of the watch on its own make this look very ugly, but the shot of Vanessa Bryant wearing it doesn’t look too bad…

    Even so, if I was given one (I certainly wouldn’t buy it even if I had the money) I’d still have to change that awful strap!

    • peho

      No …you wouldn’t change that strap ..it goes beautifully with the whole watch. I’ve seen one size for women and it just look very chic on. Too bad, it’s pricey for me.

  2. peho

    I think it’s very classic looking ….but for women only. I personally think that it’s not nice for men to wear, but again, everyone has its own tastes and preferences.


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