Acton Blink Board Is A Smaller, Cheaper, And More Accessible Electric Skateboard


We’re big fans of electric skateboards over other types of personal transporters. Not only will they get you around places same as the Solowheels and hoverboards of the world, they also won’t put a “WTF?” look on people’s faces. I mean, people are perfectly familiar with skateboards, after all. If you’re an absolute novice looking for the most accessible board to get started using one, you might want to check out the Acton Blink Board.

How accessible is thing? For one, it's supposedly the “world’s lightest electric skateboard” at just 9 pounds, ensuring you can carry it by hand or strap it to a backpack without getting bogged down by the heft.  It also comes in at less than half the price of most electric skateboard offerings, making it much less of a costly investment as other available options.


Unlike most electric skateboards that take on a longboard form factor, the Acton Blink Board is actually a shortboard (27 inches), so you can use it to perform tricks, provided you’re willing to risk damaging the motorized components.  That smaller size means it’s much more maneuverable, too, which makes it ideal for folks who are new to getting around with a skateboard in tow.  Of course, the smaller size means it packs less power than longboard versions, although it’s not that bad at 15 mph top speed and 6 miles of range on a full charge. Features include the ability to ride inclines up to 15 degrees, a rider weight limit of 220 pounds, and a handheld remote for controlling speed.


Slated to ship in May, the Acton Blink Board is priced at $499.

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2 Responses

  1. Jason

    This is the first electric skateboard I have seen that is not a longboard. I would love to try out a demo model of this. I can see myself riding one around my neighborhood for fun. With a top-speed of 15 MPH I can get off the couch and still not “break-a-sweat!”

    You wouldn’t want to be grinding ledges with this board, of course that is not what it was designed for. With a range of 6 miles the average person would have more than enough range to have some serious fun.

    It inly supports people up to 220 pounds. I assume the heavier you are then the more the motor has to work which could reduce the distance this board could go. It is a really great idea, I’m just hesitant to pop $500 down for what is basically a first generation product that does not have a proven track-record. Although this electric skateboard is expensive, it can also be considered a bargain when you compare it to other electric skateboards on the market which generally retail for over a $1,000.

    I really respect the Acton company for all their various products. They always are engineering some cool new modes of transportation. Many of their ideas such as the Rocket Skates were considered very futuristic in the 80’s, and now anyone can buy these products. I can’t wait to see what Acton comes up with next.

  2. Pamela

    My daughter would absolutely fall in love with this board. What a cute design! I really like the fact that everything is smaller, especially the price. With a distance of 6 miles, she could use this daily to get to and from school without a problem. At first I thought 9 pounds was a bit on the heavy side but have you seen how many textbooks kids lug around with them on the regular these days? It completely blows my mind. With all of the concern over hover boards catching fire, I would feel much safer to see her on this thing, even if the price were more extravagant. I’m shocked this tiny little board is capable of going up to 15 miles per hour. That’s pretty quick.


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