A Vest-Like Fit Allows You Complete Freedom While Wearing This Backpack


Need to bring a laptop, no desire to carry a large pack? Betabrand’s Under-the-Jack Backpack has you covered. What about those times you want to go out with the same slim and compact container on your back, but you need to carry stuff that don’t quite resemble a laptop’s proportions? Adidas’ Y3 Sport Backpack should see you through.

Designed to wrap around your body like a vest, the bag features slim proportions that can very well disappear under a hoodie or a jacket. Because it hugs your body, it also won’t flop around while you’re on the move, making for a great bag to carry a small amount of gear if you plan to stay active during the rest of the day.


There’s no word on the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack’s actual capacity, but we’re guessing you can easily fit a pair of shoes and a change of clothes in there for bringing to the gym, as well as a laptop and a few small items for carrying to work. It also comes with an integrated compartment inside for a hydration bladder, as well as mesh pockets inside and multiple stash pockets in the exterior. Features include waterproof zippers, adjustable webbing belt with rubberized buckles, ventilated backing to keep your back dry, and 3M Black reflective fabric for night riding utility.

If you’re familiar with the Y3 brand, then you’ll know it’s Adidas’ partnership with famed designed Yohji Yamamoto. As such, the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack ain’t going for cheap, retailing for a pricey $410.

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  1. Michael

    I am always carrying a backpack. Oftentimes it is y laptop backpack but when it is the weekend I often had a small CamelBak pack I carry. I love it, but the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack could replace me CamelBak. When being active I like a bag pack that can mold and fit to my torso, and the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack can definitely do that.

    I can see a lot of people that can benefit from using the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack. Parkour athletes will find the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack can be worn when they actively climb, jump, flip and do all their other moves.

    The $410 price is steep, but if you go the website link the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack is sold out. Since it is sold out, there obviously is a huge demand for a pack like this. I hope they release more of the Adidas Y3 Sport Backpacks, but at a more affordable price.


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