Air Swimmers Remote Controlled Flying Shark Blimp Video

Air Swimmers is definitely one of those simple ideas with a good entertainment value. The helium filled mylar balloons stay in the air on their own and you can control them using remote control. In fact the controller takes 3 AAA batteries and the flying fish only utilizes one. According to the inventor, they can stay afloat for upto 2 weeks on a single refill. Two models that we saw at the Toy Fair were a flying shark and second one was clown fish.

Because Air Swimmers are very light weight, they are only recommended for indoor use. Buy two I can see hours and hours of shark derby. Put a small pin on the nose and see who can bring down the other one first. These should be available July 2011 at a retail of $39.99.

Don't forget to watch the video demo below of air swimmers in action we shot at the toy fair along with the inventor Blake English. Blake is a Mechanical Engineering student at Stanford and according to him, inspiration for air swimmers came while he was at an aquarium. He felt that those sharks looked like as if they were flying and hence air swimmers were born.

You can buy Air Swimmers using the link below.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish
List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $36.62
You save: $3.37 (8%)
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark & Clownfish Official Bundle Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark & Clownfish Official Bundle
Sale Price: $69.99
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark
List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
You save: $10.00 (25%)

Here is another video of air swimmers shark and clownfish in action.

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21 Responses

  1. Awesome

    I love the flying fish idea. Can’t wait for it to come out so I can have a flying fish derby as guys suggested – haha – with my 4 year old son.

  2. Honest Question

    do i have to wear a scuba costume also while playing with the air swimmers? if yes, then its a deal breaker for me.

    • admin

      Yes! In fact when it launches, you have to drive to the store in a blue or orange wet suit depending on fish you want to buy.

  3. Nice

    Thats funny! Hopefully they will have more designs. I can imagine annoying my family with these while they are watching TV.

  4. Andy

    Where are these being wholesaled and are they only able to fill once or are refillable etc making a much more longer lasting product?

  5. Derek

    Air Swimmers are all set to defy the laws given by one Charles Darwin. Survival of the fittest doesn’t quite hold the same appeal when both the shark and the clown wish (whatever that is) are powered by the same battery to keep them afloat in the river of air. Maybe it’s time for a tech savvy origin of species guide. Blake English, this is your opportunity to rewrite the most respected piece of literature, go for it mate!

  6. Rupert

    I know for a fact that my eight year old would love to get his hands on the remote. All remote controlled equipments in our house have witnessed the liberties he takes with the remote control, and there is certainly nothing that shall stop him from unleashing the tech devil inside him if he realizes that he can control a Sharky and a Nemo with a remote. I can only wonder as to how much time these creatures will remain airborne before intersecting with the ceiling fan.

  7. Helsing

    Flying fishes, great! Another example of how fantastical thinking forms the premise of great products. I hope that this remote controlled Air Swimmer set is available for purchase, and at reasonable price. I am thinking of making a suggestion for including the same in the entertainment inventory of my areas recreation centre.

  8. Pringle

    I am not too well aware about the products ‘floating’ in the market, but wouldn’t relatively small sized and aesthetically more pleasing floaters make for a good product line? I mean, one could definitely think about having cute puppies floating close to the ceiling. The idea of having a fight off between a shark and a fish, both floating mid air, with a pin attached to them in order to deflate the other is really appealing to the child inside me. Here’s hoping we get an exhibition of such cool products around our locality as well.

  9. Strapper

    I had a great time watching this amazing air battle of two fantastic creatures. I guess this is what ‘out of the box thinking’ is all about. Not many would fathom the idea of making fishes float in the air, and even lesser would take the pains of implementing the ostensibly crazy idea. This Mechengineer deserved a standing ovation for his efforts. A plain crazy idea leading to an electrifying entertainment product for all ages, sounds awesome, sounds super cool.

  10. Linda

    Just the other day, I read about a special watch for swimmers, completely water proof and with capability of recording important performance data. And now, there is this air swimmer thing staring at my face. Technology seriously transcends the barriers of air and water. I wonder what master act controls plastic creatures wirelessly, making them glide on thin air. Must be some deadly combination of techy tricks. Making even smaller creatures would not only help them pick up speed while floating, but would also reduce the stress on the batteries, making the fishes float for over two weeks.

  11. Também quero um Nemo voador | Gadgets Portugal

    […] Também achei espantoso, acredito ser algo nunca antes visto, mas para ser inteiramente honesta também precisa de uma quantas pilhas. E não só é um balão que voa como também tem a forma fofinha de um tubarão ou mesmo um nemo, aquele que preferirem. A tal fenómeno dão o nome de Air Swimmers. […]

  12. Mahmood Shaker

    Hi I am a wholebuyer from Iran. I want about 10000 airswimmer clownfish and shark. I want to know the lowest price of this amount. thanx

  13. Ash

    Hallo there!!!
    Could you please contact me, I want to buy wholesale and give me the price please.
    I wait your reply.
    Thank you.

  14. marianna

    Hello Where In store I can buy this amazing air swimmers In NYC,
    I Fly aboard after tommorow and can’t order it online.

  15. Christine

    There is another fish… a Bass we named ours “Bart the Bass”I orginally saw these on HGTV House Hunters, a couple was buying a house specifically with high ceilings to be able to fly their shark. A quick note… these are a little difficult to put together but if you hang in there it is certainly worth it. Also we bought ours at Bad Bath & Beyond. My husband and I have not had this much fun in a long time and it is a riot to have “Bart” come flying down the hallway when we have friends over. The helium does last a long time but you need to keep an extra tank on hand to top them off when you have last minute guests stop by. I highlt recommened this as a gift for the man who has everything. My husband had soooo much fun with this gift. Enjoy!

  16. Carlos

    Hello, I liked the models, but they wanted to know if they would figure available in Whale Shark.



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