Airmega Turns The Air Purifier Into A Smart, Connected Device


Like other air purifiers, the Airmega can filter the air in your home, improving its quality by capturing allergens and contaminants floating around the space. Unlike them, it’s smart, with the ability to automatically adjust its operation based on air quality and lighting conditions.

Using carbon and HEPA filters, the device can clear out as much as 99.97 percent of the junk floating in the air around your home, trapping them inside and keeping them away from the occupants of the house. Whether your home is suffering from mold, pet dander, cooking odors, or just badly-contaminated city air, having this thing around should ensure you’re breathing clean air every minute of the day.


Designed as a modern air purifier, the Airmega is both compact and good-looking, so it won’t create an eyesore while sitting somewhere on the floor of your home. It’s quiet in operation, so it can do its job without attracting unwanted attention, while being powerful, with the ability to completely renew the air in a 1,560 square foot space in as little as 30 minutes. Of course, it’s also designed to be smart, so it comes with a smattering of clever, new features.


An automatic mode, for instance, allows the device to turn itself on whenever it detects the air getting stale, while indicators on top let you know when it’s time to replace the filters, so there’s no guesswork necessary. There’s also integrated WiFi that interfaces with an accompanying smartphone app, where users can check the current air quality rating at home, apart from allowing you to control the air purifier remotely.

Two models of Airmega are slated to come out end of the month: a smaller one that costs $749 and a larger one that retails for $849.

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  1. Thomas

    If you don’t have an air purifier in your home then you need to get one. Don’t cheap out either, you should buy a quality air purifier. The Airmega is one that can be considered good. Actually, the Airmega can be considered better than good because it can connect to your phone. I love that I can get air quality ratings in my house with this. The evening news always provides the areas air quality number, but the Airmega will give me an air quality rating for the interior of my house, arguably the most important place. If you worry about air quality then there is no need to be guessing about the interior of your home. I own and use an air filter in my house, but when I need to upgrade the Airmega could be the one I choose. It is 2016 so more and more manufacturers should be combing device connectivity with their air purifiers, yet many of the popular brands are still not offering this yet. If my air quality is getting worse I can get notified on my phone from the Airmega and then change the settings remotely if I need to.


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