A Directional Output Allows This Speaker To Play Music That Only You Can Hear


Want to listen to music without bothering everyone else around you?  Put on a pair of headphones.  That’s, pretty much, the only recourse in that situation.  At least, that’s it while we wait for the A Speaker, a highly-advanced directional speaker that can limit its audio output to within a narrow sound beam.

That’s right, it’s a speaker whose output is contained within a narrow path.  If you’re on that path, you can hear the sounds loudly and clearly.  Move out of the way, though, and the sound disappears, making it possible to listen to music in a crowded office floor without bothering anyone with the resulting ruckus.  Sorcery? Perhaps, although they explain it as a self-demodulating audio beam whose behavior is closer to narrow laser beams than traditional diffused light.


Made by Akoustic Arts, the A Speaker comes in two sizes: original (7.9 x 7.9 inches) and junior (3.5 x 3.5 inches).  It comes in a slim enclosure that can either be mounted up the wall or affixed to a stand.  Both optional accessories (stand and wall mount) come with a swiveling mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle the speaker is facing, so you’re not stuck with beaming sound to a specific part of the room.  Maximum sound level is 90db for the original and 70db for the junior, with both sporting a 3.5mm connector for plugging in to your music source.  And, no, they don’t have a Bluetooth option for now.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for A Speaker.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $350.

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2 Responses

  1. Todd G.

    I have been reading so much about this and even with a YouTube video out there to watch I would still like to see it for myself. I just cannot believe this is something that works 100% and accurately. Once I get my hands on one I will feel much better about it. Great concept if all previous things apply.

  2. Pete

    This product, if it works as advertised, will be a huge seller. How many people are like myself in that I love to listen to music at work, but I get annoyed at always having to wear my ear buds. A product like this could potentially eliminate this problem.

    I am hesitant on this product, because I just don’t fully understand ow this works. If it works as advertised, then great, but I am really leery that this product will work as great as it says it does. I am not an engineer or tech guru so I can’t break this down scientifically, but I hope someone else does. Imagine setting this up in BestBuy and it beams music across the room to a random location. Customers would suddenly hear music in that spot and no where else. They’d wonder what is going on and then the salesman could point out the speaker across the room and hot it works. Even a bad salesman could sell a lot of these, if it works as advertised.

    I hope this product successfully comes to fruition because I would love to have one, but I am going to wait until I hear reports from actual consumers to ensure that it does work.


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