All-Clad D3 Armor Frying Pan Brings Non-Stick Cooking Without The Teflon Coating


Non-stick pans are great, allowing you to brown and caramelize food without having them stick to the cooking surface. Problem is, those non-stick coatings chip pretty easily, making it highly likely that you’ll need to replace the pans within the next couple of years. If you’re not quite into revamping your cookware every couple of years, you may want to check out All-Clad’s D3 Armor Frying Pan.

Like traditional non-stick pans, the new cookware minimizes the chances of having your food stick to the cooking surface, so you can brown that fish, chicken, or stuffed burger patty without having bits of it stuck all over the place. Unlike them, it does that without the Teflon coating, removing the chances of chipping the cookware and leaving it utterly useless.


The All-Clad D3 Armor Frying Pan derives its non-stick talents from a riveted bonded matrix on the cooking surface, preventing food from catching into the 18/10 stainless steel’s tiny gaps and pores the way they would on regular frying pans. It uses three layers of bonded metal (steel on the exterior and interior, with aluminum on the core) for fast and even heating, apart from giving it high levels of durability.  Features include a broad surface for cooking multiple pieces of food, flared sides to facilitate turning food items, a rim shaped to allow dripless pouring, and a stick handle that stays cool throughout cooking.  It comes in two sizes: 8- and 10-inches.

Available now, the All-Clad D3 Armor Frying Pan is priced starting at $99.95.

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  1. Rolando Jones

    I love non-stick that I do not have to worry about. Assuming that I could use this thing for 20+ years, I might be willing to pay $100 for it.

  2. Gregory

    The problem with a lot of non-tick pans is the coating begins to chip away. Nothing more disgusting or unhealthy then eating chemical coated pans. I love the no-stick aspect of cooking, but not when it has a coating that chips off. Once it begins to chip off you need to toss it. Sure, a lot of people continue using them, but it is not safe. This pan offers a non-stick solution without a coating of chemicals, that makes it a must-buy product.

    There definitely are cheaper pans you can buy, but for quality product like this you can expect it will last a long time. Plus, it’s made in American. This product hearkens back to the old days when quality products that lasted were made in the United States. Today we buy cheap products made in China, but we have to replace them much more often. When you consider this, a $100 for this pan is actually a much better bargain then simply buying a cheap Chinese cooking pan.

  3. Brian

    Finally a new type of pan for our household! I don’t even want to think about how many Teflon pans we have destroyed. Our home is hectic and it’s just a lot easier than you’d think for dishes to get damaged when you have so many different people in and out of the kitchen. I’m so sick of replacing our cheap dishes. I recently ordered this pan and can’t wait to try out the riveted design. So far I’m seeing nothing but good reviews and the number of interesting designs incorporated into the overall product blew me away. I went ahead and ordered the 10 inch option so I have a little more space to work with.


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