Amazon Echo Look Is A Camera That Will Help You Dress And Accessorize Better


When we heard Amazon was making a camera, we automatically assumed it was for security and surveillance. We couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, the Amazon Echo Look is designed to function as a fashion advisor that will take your photos, create your personal lookbook, and provide fashion advice. Really.

As with many of Amazon’s products, the camera has Alexa at the helm, allowing you to communicate with it via natural voice commands. And, yes, it has access to all of Alexa’s features, too, so anything you can do with the original Echo and the Tap should also be available here.


The Amazon Echo Look comes with a camera that you can activate via voice commands, while four built-in LEDs ensure every single shot is properly lit. That camera happens to use one of those depth-sensing sensors, allowing it to intelligently blur the background, so that your poses are focused front and center. Features include a 360-degree microphone array (so it can hear your voice clearly), an integrated speaker (so Alexa can respond), and a standard tripod socket, so you can mount it in custom places.


An accompanying app lets you collect the pictures and browse through your different looks, all while giving you access to a machine learning algorithm that can help you compare two looks, which it will judge based on fit, color, styling, and prevailing trends. It can even make suggestions on future garment and accessory purchases, which it will base on the kind of clothes you seem to favor based on your collected photos.

Available now, the Amazon Echo Look is priced at $199.99.

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