The Weird Shape Of Amazon’s Kindle Oasis Makes For Excellent One-Handed Handling


Just when you thought e-book readers were getting cheaper, Amazon reminds you that it won’t always be the case. At least, not if you want the best-looking, most ergonomic option you can find. Definitely not if you want the Amazon Kindle Oasis, the outfit’s new premium e-book reader.

The slimmest and thinnest Kindle ever released, the reader measures just 0.13 inches on the slimmest section and weighs a lightweight 4.7 ounces. Of course, it does get chunkier on one edge – a design element makes the device easier to hold with one hand.  And thanks to an onboard accelerometer, you can orient that flared edge to either side, making it just as easy to use for both right- and left-handed readers.


The Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with a 6-inch E-Ink Carta display, which boasts 300 ppi screen density and 16-level gray scale. That isn’t any different from their last flagship ebook reader, although the positive reviews on that screen means this should perform just as amiably. Touch controls are fully supported, although they also include page turn buttons on the flared edge if you’d prefer to avoid smudging the screen with your grimy fingers. Features include 10 LEDs for lighting up the screen during night-time reading, WiFi and 3G connectivity, and 4GB of onboard storage.


Because of the slim size, the device actually cuts down on battery life, with a single full charge lasting it just two weeks of use. To compensate, each ebook reader comes with an accompanying leather case, which holds a built-in battery good for an extra five weeks of power.


Available now, the Amazon Kindle Oasis is priced at $289.99.

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  1. Gregory

    It actually isn’t what I would consider a weird design. It is what Have been clamoring for since the first version of the Kindle was released. This is how all Tablets should be designed in my opinion, but it is especially important on a dedicated e-reader.

    Why cut down my battery life? I’d rather have thicker and heavier Kindle with a longer battery life. Consumers always think they need the lightest and thinnest phone and tablet, but then they complain about the poor battery life, The different between this lightweight Kindle with a 2 week battery life vs my thicker and heavier Kindle that can last a month of heavy use is negligible. Are you the type of person that gets back pain from lifting up the popcorn out of the bucket at the theatre to eat it? If so then look for a good chiropractor, but for the rest of us we can handle a few ounces more if it will give us more battery life.

    It comes with the leather case. Some people will like this but Vegans wont. If a Vegan wants to buy this Kindle there is no option to order it without a case. I am not a Vegan, but I don’t want the leather case. I would rather order a more durable case from a 3rd party. I am glad to see Amazon coming out with another Kindle model. I will be upgrading, because the benefits of this new Kindle far outweigh the downsides for me.

  2. Thomas

    What I like is that you get free cloud storage for all Amazon content, you can find books daily for free or cheap, and when I want a book I can get it immediately isn’t read of having to wait for the mail. The Kindle is a proven product that people like. Ereaders are no longer a fad and haven’t been for many years.

    The new kindle will hold 4g of books on it. Even if you buy graphic intensive travel books you can still hold a lot of reading material on it. I am disappointed that Amazon still doesn’t offer ePub as an accepted format, but it is easy to hack an ePub book on to the Kindle.

    Click on the Amazon link above and take a look at the Kindle and the go look at the Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle Paper White is still by far the best valued Kindle. This new one looks pleasing, but until there is a price drop I am just find with my current Kindle.

  3. Kristen

    Yessss! Another Kindle! I’ve been a bit out of the loop apparently because I had no idea until today that another Kindle was available. I’m not sure why people think the shape is awkward. I think it’s a great update because it makes holding the Kindle with a single hand, without accidentally touching the screen much easier. I really enjoy how thin the Oasis is and that your screen can be quickly adjusted for both right and left-handed users, because there are a few of each of us within our household. I miss the days when there were buttons on the frame of my Kindle, so I like the touch controls offered this time around. One thing that makes me not 100% sure I’m ready to switch is the battery life. My Paperwhite lasts a really long time and it’s hard to give that up!

  4. Bobby

    I’m not trying to say the Oasis isn’t a good product, it really is. It’s just that I personally wish I would have waited for the price to drop before switching to the latest Kindle. I didn’t realize how convenient the longer side panel was going to be until I used it for a few days. It’s so much more comfortable to read for long periods of time. Since you’re easily able to switch between left handed and right handed orientation, it’s perfect for laying down and reading before bed. Just when I thought EReaders couldn’t get any lighter, I was shocked by the weight of this version and the slim design makes it extremely comfortable to hold in your hand. Great buy, but a bit pricey for my taste.


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