Amazon Tap Speaker Lets You Enjoy Amazon’s Virtual Assistant On The Go


The Echo has proven to be a legitimate hit for Amazon, with consumers really taking to the ever-evolving robot assistant’s talents. The Amazon Tap is the outfit’s on-the-go version of the Echo, allowing you to enjoy its voice-activated features whether you’re driving to work, enjoying a cup at the local café, or camping with friends over the weekend.

Like the Echo, it’s a functional wireless speaker that lets you stream tunes from Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, as well as stream local playlists on your phone (it comes with both WiFi and Bluetooth). Sporting two 1.5-inch drivers and dual passive radiators with Dolby processing, it promises a quality listening experience, too, with omni-directional sound, crisp vocals, and extended bass response.


The Amazon Tap also inherits the Echo’s virtual assistant talents, so you get to conjure Alexa any time you feel like taking advantage of its many capabilities. Yep, the system has grown in a huge way since its original release, going well beyond the information and weather lookups to including interfacing with numerous apps and smart home devices, including Domino’s (for ordering pizza), Uber (requesting a ride), and Garageio (for opening your garage door).


It measures 2.6 x 6.2 inches (diameter x height), making it small enough to carry comfortably, with an optional sling accessory that gives it both a rubber case for protection and a hole on top for hanging on a hook. Features include a mic button that you need to tap before talking to the device (it saves battery that way), playback controls on top, and a battery rated at 9 hours of continuous playback.


Available now, the Amazon Tap is priced at $129.99.

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  1. Tyson

    The Amazon Tap Speaker is one of the products that is even more useful than it first appears. A portable speaker is used by many people on a regular a basis. Now the Amazon Tap Speaker is a speaker that also allows you to use it as a personal assistant.

    Keep in mind the personal assistant can only be used when it is connected to WIFI. Playback time isn’t bad at 9 hours, but it would be nice if they could squeeze a few more hours in. Bluetooth is built-in, which is excellent. Many portable speakers still don’t have Bluetooth or they will charge extra for Bluetooth connectivity.

    The Sonos is a very popular speaker set-up, but the Amazon Tap Speaker is portable. I can see Amazon rapidly stripping marketshare away from competing speakers. My only concern with the Amazon Tap Speaker is how well it will play deep bass and the low frequencies. Has anyone here used one yet?


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