Arnold’s EZ-Stow Hauler Converts From Cart To Flat Bed To Wheelbarrow


Nothing about the Arnold EZ-Stow Hauler is going to blow your mind.  It’s a cart that hitches to the back of any lawn and garden tractor that you can use to carry tools and supplies.  What it does bring is an improved set of features that make it an excellent replacement for any cart you’re currently using around the property.

Like any two-wheeled cart, you can use it to haul soil, sand, stones, and whatever else needs dragging from one part of your place to another.  It can carry up to 800 pounds worth of supplies, with a fold-out side panel that should make it easier to both load and unload stuff on the cart.


Unlike most carts, however, the Arnold EZ-Stow Hauler can fold down into a flat-bed, allowing you to use it to haul oversized tools and supplies without any problems. It even comes with optional tool holders to secure tools on the bed during transport, ensuring none of them falls off along the way. A foot pedal automatically tips the cart over for easy dumping, while air-filled tires (15 x 6 inches) ensure smooth travel across lawns, gardens, or farmlands.


When transformed into a flatbed, the cart can be stored vertically, allowing it to take up 70 percent less space in the shed or garage than traditional garden carts.  An optional handle can even turn it into a wheelbarrow, making for a truly versatile tool.

Available now, the Arnold EZ-Stow is priced at $354.99.

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2 Responses

  1. Jayson W.

    Now THIS makes sense. Heavy duty, yet light weight plastic and it can transform in a few easy steps? Where do I sign up for one?

  2. Pete

    I like the versatility of this. Instead of having to buy a wheelbarrow, trailer, and a garden wagon separately, you get all of them in 1 product. The Arnold EZ-Stow Hauler is exactly what many hone owners need. The Arnold EZ-Stow Hauler will be very durable for homeowners, especially if you keep it stored in the a garage during the winter, but not capable enough for commercial use. If you are a professional landscaper than you will need something that is designed to be beat to hell daily, but for homeowners this is an awesome product.

    How easy is this to transform? Sure it looks easy to change up the hauler, but will it be just as easy to change the use of this once dirt gets lodged into the plast interlocks?

    It’ll hold up to 800 pounds, which to many homeowners is more than enough, but if you are laying sod or removing sod you may be shocked at how fast the weight can add up. Be extremely careful if you are hauling sod in the trailer mode with your garden tractor. If you overload this too often you will greatly decrease the longevity of it.

    This is a product that I highly suggest you buy. It is very affordable, versatile, and will last the average homeowner for many years. You also won’t have tow worry about the bottom rusting out like the old traditional wheelbarrows we used to use.


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