Avatar Digital Binocular Sports and Spy Camera: 2MP, 21X Zoom And Insanely Affordable


Amateur spies, wannabe paparazzi and 13-year old voyeurs, rejoice! If you've ever wanted to photograph scenes that take place way, way, way out of a regular cheap-ass camera's zoom range but couldn't afford the hardware, your prayers have been answered. The Avatar Digital Binocular Sports and Spy Camera is probably more affordable than your existing point-and-shoot, yet it can manage to capture stills from sweeping distances.

While I wouldn't put too much faith in anything out of China, this piece from Avatar appears talented enough (not to mention that it looks pretty bad ass) to warrant the risk. Capable of providing up to 21x optical zoom, it should let you capture scenes and images, all while staying as far from the action as possible.


In all honesty, the thing looks like an MP3 player with a nominal camera module, fitted with a powerful telescopic lens. A quick look at the specs will somewhat confirm this. Details include a 2.5-inch TFT LCD display (with a UI that looks too much like a certain gadget we know), media playback talents with a wide array of supported formats, 1GB internal memory (with microSD support for up to 2GB) and an A/V out to show all that media in a larger screen. As for the camera part, it sports 2.0 megapixel optics, along with 40x digital zoom, night mode capabilities, multi-shot and 1/1000 second shutter speed. It ships with a mini-tripod, various cables and wired earphones.


Ready to stretch your covert photography muscles? The Avatar Digital Binocular Sports and Spy Camera is available now for a cheap $128. You can Buy it at Chinavasion

3 Responses

  1. Ben

    You have to give it to the Chinese, they bring some really interesting gadgets and cheap too. That lens looks really cool.

  2. Nigel

    Just wow. I mean one of the coolest / most affordable gadget and it comes with a tripod too. Good to stalk your neighbors :p

  3. Razeen

    where to get it from
    in the uk

    and more details about product


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