AxiDraw Recreates Digital Images Into Pen-And-Paper Creations


You can think of the AxiDraw as a digital printer. Except, instead of spraying ink onto paper like regular printers do, it uses any pen, pencil, or marker you place in its head, turning out printed materials that look like hand-drawn and hand-written objects just like they had from back in the day.

Billed as a “personal writing and drawing machine,” it’s a pen plotter that takes 2D images from a compatible software and recreates it by applying pen to paper. Whether you want to print a matching illustration of an image from your camera roll, a handwritten label for a package you’re sending out, or a replica line drawing of an artwork you fancy, this thing is going to get the job done.


The AxiDraw can perform its plotting task on any flat surface – just lay a sheet of paper underneath and watch it go to work. It works with both open-source graphics software Inkscape and RoboPaint (with the AxiDraw extension), so it shouldn’t be that hard to get started, with a printing area that accommodates both letter and A4-sized paper. The pen head can accommodate most any writing instruments, so you can use Sharpies, colored pencils, chalks, brushes, fountain pens, or whatever else you want. Even better, you can either angle the writing instrument vertically or at 45-degrees, with the latter effectively recreating the ideal writing angle for fountain pens. It can draw at a rate of 11 inches per second.


Available now, the AxiDraw is priced at $450.

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  1. Roberto Monclova

    How do I order this AxiDraw Recreates Digital Images Into Pen-And-Paper Creations.

    • Thomas

      Roberto, to order this just click on the “check it out” button above and then you can order it from the official page.

      I am a tech guy and can use Photoshop like a pro, but I can’t freehand draw anything. The AxiDraw is something I had never seen before, and I definitely want it. You can have this draw out images for posters, and then laminate it. People may think I was an expert artist, but in reality I am just using the AxiDraw. I could also use this to create custom cross-stitch patterns for my wife. There are countless ways to use this!

      I like that you can have the AxiDraw use more than just a pen head. Chalk and sharpies! Oh heck yeah. I can see the product being used in so many ways. The AxiDraw will be popular with many people including crafters. I would be excited to convert an image of my family into a sketch using Photoshop, and then have the AxiDraw sketch it out using pastels. Laminate that up, frame it, and I have some great artwork of my family!

      So can you alternate colors, such as programming where you want a blue color and then a a red color etc, and then simply swap out the color at the time? If so that would be even cooler. I definitely want one of the AxiDraw drawing machines.

  2. Rebecca

    What a cool creation! I can think of so many different projects this robot could help me with. I really like hand-written masterpieces versus types out. I like that the Axi Draw can effectively do both. This would make creating unique Birthday Cards with a more retro feel a lot easier. I don’t know about any of you, but each year I make cards by hand and it’s really difficult to not make the ones you create at the beginning of the process look a LOT better than the 30th or 50th card. I realize there are a lot of ways to get the job done easier, but I just really enjoy that personal touch. I wonder if this robot can be taught how to write in your handwriting. How cool would that be?


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