Backscratcher Pen Comes With A Screw-On, Extendable Scratcher Cap

This is the Backscratcher Pen, an erstwhile regular ballpoint writing instrument that doubles as a tool for rubbing off an itch in difficult places.  "Bah," you say, "my pen does that, too, and without any stupid tricks."  Well, this one's probably better.

For one, the scratcher part is wide, so it can cover more ground while you dig away for relief.  It's certainly an upgrade from the couple centimeters of narrow scratching area you can get from the cap of a regular pen.

The Backscratcher Pen is a telescoping backscratcher and black ink pen, with the body made from brass sporting a shiny chrome finish.  As such, it should be just a tad more classy than your plastic Bics and Pilots, so you get both an elegant writing tool and a fancy itch reliever to boot.

It's not too short to reach faraway areas, either, since the stem can extend anywhere from 7 to 21 inches.  That means, it won't just be useful for that itch right below your shoulder, the thing should be able to go all the way down to the hidden recesses of your top, too.

Unfortunately, the cap isn't meant to work with other pens the way the More/Real Stylus Cap does.  To ensure it stays on tight when you're scratching, you'll need to screw the scratcher-armed cap onto the pen (and spin it the other way to remove, of course).  If you don't mind the screw-on action, the Backscratcher Pen sounds like the perfect tool for all your back-scratching needs.  It's available for $12.95.


4 Responses

  1. Peter

    Creativity doesn’t stop at anything, does it! If it wasn’t creative enough of mankind to be using a classy writing equipment like a pen as an itch reliever, we have the ultra creative dedicated scratching and scribbling tool in the backscratcher pen. But then, is it actually made to attract some attention, or does it actually intend at making a market? I have my doubts, and quite a few of them. Hell, it doesn’t please the crazy freak inside me spending money for a multi-purpose pen. Hell, it doesn’t please the writer inside me to use a pen with a scratching tool attached at the top. Hell, it doesn’t please the sensibility inside me to skip using any pen I like to scratch the blood out of my backside! And by the by, what is this crazy idea of screwing the tool in case you feel the need of scratching an itching spot? For all I know, I would throw this thing in irritation and reach out for the itching portion by my freakin’ hands, but not this ‘screw me’ tool. Answer this, would you wait to screw the thing on to relieve yourself of the irritating itch? What is wrong in a simple pen when it can write pretty well, and scratch equally well? I could hire a peon for my scratching for this price for a month, and I am sure nobody is patient enough to keep screwing and unscrewing this damn thing for more than a month.

  2. Michael

    The idea is pretty novel (and might I add crazy too), but the execution doesn’t quite seem to be right. Anybody would point to the flaw of the screw mechanism to keep the scratch hand in place. I can already see some other crazy manufacturing firm come up with a more comfortable mechanism of clasping or unclasping the five fingered scratcher. As of now, the only scorer over the ordinary pen is the enhanced scanning area of the back scratching pen, and the extra long handle to reach to the more personal areas of the human body terrain.

  3. Henry

    Ha ha ha… And here I am, having been in the cloud that it was ridiculous on my part to reach inside my shirt with the office pen in order to scratch to my heart’s content. My Lord, there are more like me in this world, and some of them are at pretty good positions too! It would be a pleasure to have the wide area scratching tool kill the itching demons every time they choose to raise their heads.

  4. Brian

    Hmm… Quite a bold concept, considering the fact that not many would like to admit openly of being in the habit of looking up to the office stationery for some personal purposes, such as scrubbing the nagging itch off an unreachable body part. Why not use it when it is out! Uhh, the screw thing might just screw the maker’s plans up big time.


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