This Ballistic Wallpaper Will Catch Debris From RPG And Bomb Blasts


Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean no one’s out to get you. So you embrace your paranoia wholeheartedly, wearing your Kevlar vest even inside the house, sleeping with a gun secured under the bed, and having multiple weapons strategically hidden in every area of the house. Here’s the next step to everything-proofing your abode: Ballistic Wallpaper.

Sure, the idea of a bullet-repelling wallpaper may sound silly, since your thick walls are already meant to serve as barriers to threats, after all. This wallpaper, though, won’t just protect you from gunfire, it will also act as a protective net, catching all the debris, in case someone decides to shoot an RPG or detonate a bomb right on the side of your house.

Developed by US Army researchers, the Ballistic Wallpaper is meant for use by troops in the field, who could use the additional fortification to erstwhile unreinforced living structures and temporary shelters.   Made from Kevlar fiber threads enclosed in a flexible plastic film, the wall cover can be applied onto the side of any vertical structure, ready to take the brunt of the force when the wall takes serious damage to keep everyone inside safe. Well, as safe as they can be while being attacked with ammunition strong enough to take out stone and cinder block walls.

The Ballistic Wallpaper was recently demonstrated at a DOD Lab Day.   It’s not yet ready for use in the field, but development is ongoing and the tech sure appears to be very promising.

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  1. William

    This is definitely an impressive product. I would love to see them build these into the HUMVEEs that are prepared and deplored over to war zones. Speaking of which, if made affordable–perhaps a different product and quality then to become a little less–individuals overseas in many countries, not just the middle east, but even places in Africa could benefit by fortifying their households with this wallpaper. After all, mortars, IED’s, and gunfire are of common place in geographic locations overrun by militia groups or other terrorist organizations such as ISIS or Boko Haram. Even Yemen for example could benefit. Speaking of which, adding this technology to both warships and carrier or public ships in general could also aid to the development and protection of civilians and government personnel against pirate or other terrorist attacks out on the water. Why stop there? Think of the aviation-oriented purpose that this could serve on planes as well to prevent threats and harmful actions.

  2. Ann Marie

    this is crazy! that’s so strong and unordinary. do they use these in the military? i think whoever made this was pretty creative. would be nice to pad the childs play area with this material so that things don’t get ripped and wrote on so much–preserve the house value a little bit more lol!


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