This Barbecue Toolbox Is Not For Handymen… It’s For Hungry Men


It looks like an ordinary toolbox for bringing a set of hand tools to a worksite.  Well, it kind of is. Except, instead of tools for fixing busted windows, patching drywalls, or grouting the bathroom tiles, the Barbecue Toolbox comes with everything you need to grill hotdogs, burgers, and steaks wherever you decide to spend the day.

Styled like a classic metal toolbox, it’s built for easy portability, allowing you to conveniently carry it around. Whether for camping, tailgates, or outdoor cookouts at the local park, this thing lets you bring a fully functional grill with nothing but single toolbox in tow.


The Barbecue Toolbox opens to a tiered design that separates the rig into three layers – a tray on the bottom for your grilling utensils and spices, a grated top rack for warming buns and rolls, and the actual grill in between.  Its handles fold down to serve as legs for the grill, keeping the whole thing an inch or so off the ground or the table surface you’re cooking on. The cooking area should fit around six normal-sized patties at the same time (8 x 15 inches), which should make it suitable for a small party, with the warming rack able to fit up to three buns in one go (two if you’re warming both sides).


Features include a removable fuel tray for your charcoal, an adjustable vent to control oxygen flow during cooking, and temperature-resistant red paint so it should retain the bright red finish through many uses.  Construction is all steel.

Available now, the Barbecue Toolbox is priced at £70.

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2 Responses

  1. Robert Osorio

    LOL, totally awesome. My dad is going to love this for Father’s Day.

  2. Pete

    I like the idea of the portable grill that looks like a tool box, but it seems like it may be hard to clean. I love the portability to this grill. Instead of packing PB & J sandwiches when you go fishing you can carry this along instead. I can envision this getting used a lot during the summer months by my friends and I. The biggest problem that traditional home grills have are they are either not portable or they are portable, but the quality is awful and they begin to break apart after just a couple weeks of moderate usage.

    The handles that unfold into the legs is a great design feature and it also helps to keep the weight down. I would like to see one in use before I purchased it. It looks like I could get a lot of use out of it, but I wonder how durable it is. Will it last with heavy use throughout the summer, multiple summers, or will it rapidly fall apart? I am unsure because this is the first BBW toolbox I have seen. I’d also wish for a different color. Most of my toolboxes are red, but I’d prefer something different for this portable grill.


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