Bartesian Brings Single-Pod Convenience To Making Cocktails


Single-serve coffee machines changed the way we enjoy caffeine-based beverages at home. And now, there’s a race to bring the same ease and convenience for other drinks we enjoy, as we’ve seen with products like the Somabar. The Bartesian has to be among the most interesting we’ve seen.

Similar to the Keurigs and Nespressos in people’s kitchens, it uses cocktail pods that you pop into a chamber on the appliance, whose contents it then uses to mix the drink. Whether you want a margarita, a cosmopolitan, or a martini, just press a button on the device to start whipping up a perfectly-mixed cocktail.


The Bartesian is a cocktail-making countertop machine, with a slot for the capsule on top and four slots on the sides (two on each side) for the basic spirits (vodka, rum, gin, and tequila). That’s right, the capsule doesn’t actually hold any of the basic spirits, but keeps all the other ingredients to complete the cocktail (the martini pod, for instance, contains grapefruit juice and cucumber bitters). Each capsule uses actual liquid ingredients, rather than their powdered counterparts, to ensure the cocktails don’t deviate too much from how they’ll be mixed in an actual bar.


Controls are set up directly on the appliance, so you can set drink strength and other parameters without having to pull out a phone. It also has an onboard display, which will give you prompts on what to do next (e.g. place glass with ice). Each appliance comes with an accompanying shaker, in case you don’t enjoy the idea of ice thawing in your cocktails.  The catch?  You’d have to shake and pour the final drink yourself.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Bartesian. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $249.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Coleman

    Awww, this kinda takes all the fun out of getting drunk. Making the drinks and having conversation is a fun part of getting together with friends. My mom used to be a bartender, so I think I might have to protest this campaign. hehe. j/k – if they could train it to talk like that Musio robot, you’d have the whole package!

  2. Alex

    This is so cool! And the price seems right. It’s like a Keurig version of alcohol-mixing and drink making. Definitely never see anything like this before. I think it’s impressive that the machine knows how to make all of these different mixes. Since they’re ‘pre-made’ though in cups already does that mean that you can’t add alcohol content through the machine and would have to do that manually? I’d say for $250 this is pretty awesome and practical, considering everything it does and it looks really well made. I’ve tried Somabar but this seems much more different, unique, and independent in terms of functionality and consistent in what it’s producing and how. Nice demo-video too!! I just don’t know how I feel about the products not having any alcohol in them, seems to kind of defeat the purpose in a sense and just make things all the more costly–but then again it’s also more convenient and probably safer if you’ve already been drinking than doing all the prepping lol.


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