This Children’s Travel Case Turns Into A Fully-Playable Batmobile


When making luggage for kids, most companies simply take a regular suitcase that they then cover in colorful prints of whatever characters kids currently gravitate to in pop culture. Sure, it’s not bad, but it doesn’t really make the suitcase that much more fun. That’s not the case with this Batmobile Kids’ Travel Case, a kid-sized rolling suitcase that doubles as a playable Batmobile.

How playable? Well, the darn thing comes with four wheels, so your kid can push or pull it around like any toy car, with a big enough size that kids can even sit on top and pretend to ride it. Heck, it’s even big enough that it should handily run down an army of six-inch action figures, allowing you to reenact a Batman version of GTA in the basement any time you feel like it.


The Batmobile Kids’ Travel Case is based on the latest version of the Dark Knight’s ride as found in the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie, so it’s as current as any Batman toy you can find in the market. It’s heavily detailed, too, recreating many of the elements found in the movie version of the ride, including a pair of machine guns out front for blasting supervillains out of the way. Of course, it’s a functional travel suitcase, with a hinged top lid that opens to reveal a decent-sized storage space for clothes, toys, and whatever else kids want to bring to a trip. It can also be dragged in two ways: through the two rear wheels using a traditional luggage handle and on all four wheels like a real toy car using an alternate handle.


Slated for availability end of May, the Batmobile Kids’ Travel Case is priced at $100.

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  1. Wyatt

    My younger self is absolutely freaking out right now! I have been a Batman fan as far back as I can remember. I had blankets, action figures, plates, more than one lunchbox, costumes, you name it. What I love most about this travel case is the size. You can easily fit all of your child’s essentials for spending the weekend with their friends and then come home and have a HUGE toy for them to play with. At first glance, the price seems a bit steep but consider the price of simple figurines, bed spreads etc. You can also use this case to store all of their favorite toys, which makes cleaning up at the end of the night a breeze. This is definitely on our family’s wish list.

  2. Thomas

    It’s a good idea but I’ll pass on it. I have spent a couple years harping into my kid that you DON’T fiddle around with the luggage. He could obviously play with this luggage as that is what it is intended to do, but I want to ensure durability when it comes to luggage.

    I am concerned with the single hinge on the rear. It looks like with the single-hinge the batmobile suitcase is not as secure or able to withstand the rigors of airline travel. I also need a child’s suitcase to hold enough for a week of travel minimum, and this just doesn’t work. Kids also couldn’t use this at many schools because of the machine guns mounted on the front.

    The idea of a toy/suitcase is a god one, but the design and feasibility of the end product is severely lacking.


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