Batteriser Extends The Life Of Disposable Batteries By 800%


While they’ve been around a long time, we continue to use disposable alkaline batteries in a very inefficient way, often throwing them out while mistakenly thinking they’re dead after they’ve slightly dipped in output. That won’t happen if you use a Batteriser, a voltage booster that clips onto your dry cell batteries, maximizing their output, so they can continue to power your devices until they legitimately run out of juice.

When worn over the battery, it will automatically boost the voltage back to expected levels, so they can give toys, remotes, and electronic devices the exact amount of power they’re expecting to be fed. According to the creator, that seemingly simple tweak will allow batteries to remain usable up to eight times longer than they normally will. That means, one batch of batteries will now last you a time period that normally required eight batches – quite the massive upgrade.


The Batteriser is a small, thin sleeve that you wear on a battery the whole time it’s in use. Due its small size, it barely adds any thickness to the battery, ensuring it will still conveniently squeeze into any device’s battery compartment. The technology can work on all types of dry cell disposables, from AAA to D-size, allowing you to squeeze out the maximum efficiency from any alkaline battery you use at home, work, and play. It’s also reusable, so you can use it to maximize batch after batch of batteries, provided the sleeve doesn’t get damaged.


Unfortunately, you can’t order a Batteriser yet. They will be running a crowdfunding campaign soon, though, with shipments scheduled towards the end of the year.

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5 Responses

  1. William

    This is a great idea, and I love how they included the Xbox controller as an example. I have this probably fair frequently, since like many, I use my XBOX for watching and enjoying Netflix. With that being said, I hate feeling like I’m being ripped off for my money and the investment of batteries as their performance seems to vary so much amongst not only brands, but even just different batches I purchase. This is confusing, and also very frustrating. Until I have the money and time to buy rechargeable batteries, this seems like a great alternative! I’m curious to how much it will cost me, but anticipate this device to be around $15-$30, which I could justify as being fair, barring they perform to or near the added capacity in which it’s advertised as being capable of.

  2. I am a robot

    Why did it take so long for them to create this? Now they are waiting for crowd funding? Why doesnt the guy go on Shark Tanks and get some financial backing and save the world with this thing. So if I change the batteries once a year in my tv remote, I would only have to change them every eight years if I put these magic battery sleeves inside? I’m skeptical! Anyone else?

  3. Tezza

    Wow that’s huge. Wouldn’t be surprised if this gets brought off him and it disappears!

  4. Crashemt

    Already debunked on YouTube. See the video by Dave Jones entitled EEVblog #751 – How To Debunk A Product (The Batteriser).

    This will likely be akin to huge Kickstarter/Indiegogo fakes such as CommBadge. All hype to raise money for a product they do not intend to build, or one that is so dangerous no one will ever produce it.

  5. Derek

    If you know anything about electricity, you know this wont work. Power is shorted to ground and will not flow through the device. The piece of metal will become the load, heat up, and start a fire.


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