Use The Beeline iPhone Case To Never Drop Your Phone Again


At this point, everybody has dropped their phone at some point in their lives. Sometimes, your device survives unscathed. Other times, it signals the bitter end. Regardless of your personal experience, you probably don’t want it to happen again. The Beeline Case gives you a way to make sure that’s the case.

A smartphone case with a built-in carabiner on a retractable line, it lets you attach the phone to any part of your clothing or gear, ensuring it can never stray too far away.  Hiking on rocky terrains? Clip the phone to the top of your backpack to make sure it never hits the rocks. Goofing around on a boat? Clip it on a belt loop to ensure it never hits the water.  Basically, just clip it somewhere and keep it safe.


The Beeline Case’s carabiner is connected to 30 inches of cord, with a button on the back for controlling whether to let you access the full length or lock it at intervals, ensuring you get full reign on how the retractable design functions.  Kevlar construction ensures the cord won’t break even after plenty of mileage, with a non-fraying design so you can get the full 30 inches of movement every time.  And just in case you still manage to drop the phone on a hard surface, the case’s hard shell exterior and shock-absorbent rubber lining should provide enough buffer to increase the chances it gets out unharmed.  It comes in a variety of colors.


Exclusive to iPhones for now, the Beeline Case is priced at $54.99.

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2 Responses

  1. Steven Smith

    Great idea! I my arms are so long and if I snatch the iPhone out of the air with my fingertips one more time, I am sure it will be the last.

  2. Pete

    The Beeline Case best feature is it is a protective case with a retractable carabiner. Apple should make this a stock feature that comes with all their phones. I tend to carry my phone in my hoody pocket when I am now at work. Luckily my Otterbox has protected my phone from the countless times it has spilled out of my pocket. With the Beeline Case I could simply clip it on to my belt-loop. I hate the belt attachment that comes with traditional protective cases. The retractable carabiner is a great replacement for those bulk and ugly belt mounted attachment that comes with the OtterBox.

    I am a huge fan of the OtterBox because of how reliable it is in protecting my phone from drops abd bumps. The OtterBox is great because of how they protect your phone, and looking on Amazon at the pictures, the Beeline case uses a similar style of protection. It has a cushioned hard-mount internal box and then a rubber outmold that gors over the hard plastic case. The main difference between tgis and the OtterBox is that the Beeline comes with the retractable carabiner. The Beeline also costs that same as the rice I paid for the OtterBox. I am very loyal to OtterBox, but when I upgrade my iPhone I will take a serious look at buying the Beeline carabiner phone case.

    The only feature I wish it had was a waterproof case, of course this is not a deal breaker for me because my OtterBox isnt waterproof either. Even if you are not an outdoor enthusiast, the carabiner clipped to your belt loop will help keep your ohne from sliding out and getting lost. This is something everyone should buy for their iPhone. If you are taking a picture out of a window and drip the phone, the carabiner will save the day.

    If you do not want a bulk case then their are other options, but with a phone costing at least $600, why wouldn’t you want to give it the best protection available?


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