Every Truck Bed Deserves A Tool Box As Serious As These Billy Boxes


Whether you use a truck for work or play, chances are, you’re gonna need to haul tools and gear. And while you can pile everything up in the truck bed, most sane people would rather do that with a proper box in tow. These Billy Boxes might be among the most promising we’ve seen yet.

No, this isn’t some fancy tool box like those Decked Drawers we saw a while back. Instead, it’s a more conventional design that takes the traditional truck bed tool box and equips it like an overachieving superhero.


Designed for easy installation, the Billy Boxes don’t require any drilling to set up. Instead, you simply fasten them to the bedrails using an included set of J-bolt anchors, so the whole thing can be removed without any permanent alteration on the ride. It comes with the company’s own T-Track Organization System, which consists of divider panels, grips, and straps, so you can customize the compartment’s layout to suit your exact needs. Construction is seam-welded 0.08-inch aluminum sheet to ensure it can withstand the elements, with a stainless steel patented locking mechanism that’s designed to provide serious theft deterrence (they claim the box is impossible to pry once locked).


Other features include weatherproof LED lighting powered by an 8-cell AA battery pack under the lid (so you can actually see what’s in the box at night), a fitted rubber mat cushioning, drain plugs (for those times you store wet gear), your choice of 25 textured powder-coat colors, and even an optional audio system. Plus, you can customize it further with additional components from the company’s T-Track Organization System, so you’re not stuck with the same box while your needs change down the line.

Available now, pricing for the Billy Boxes start at $1,995.

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  1. William

    The organization features and structure of this Billy Box looks really solid. As someone who personally does a lot of general labor work, this product definitely has a lot of appeal. It’s a really nice concept, and I like the included LEDS. But honestly, for about $1000-1500 less, I could build one of these myself, or just add onto another one that’s made out of carbon fiber, or stainless steal. I’m not crazy about the aluminum, because it’s known to bend and dent easily. The locking mechanisms a nice idea, but honestly if a thief wants to get at it, or inside of it, they will find a way or bring the right tools. This is what it always comes down too. I like the audio-system idea, but you would have thought that this was included with the device for the price that you pay.


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