Blue Jean Umbrella: Finally, You Can Go All-Denim Even During Rainy Days


You love denim. A lot. Which is why your closet is filled with the darn thing. You have pants, jackets, vests, shirts, and even boxer shorts cut in the sturdy cotton twill fabric. Now, you can even add a rainy day accessory to the mix with this Blue Jean Umbrella.

Yes, it’s an umbrella made from denim fabric. Well, a genuine-looking facsimile of denim, anyway. That way, you don’t ruin an all-denim rainy day look with a polyester umbrella – pull this out of your bag, open the canopy, and strut around like a poster boy for a local denim company.


Instead of denim, the Blue Jean Umbrella’s canopy is made from popular synthetic fabric Sunbrella, ensuring it can hold up to the ravages of prolonged exposure to sun and water. Not only will it repel rain like a boss, it will also block out 99 percent of both UVA and UVB rays, giving it the highest possible UPF rating of 50 percent. That means, this umbrella will make for an ideal companion in the summer, too, keeping your skin from being torched by the heat of the sun. It also comes with pigmented fibers, so the denim look won’t fade through frequent sun exposure, as well as heat-blocking abilities, allowing it to lower temperature in your immediate area by as much as 10 degrees. Features include fiberglass arms and ribs to ensure durability, a non-metal tip and frame (so it won’t get hot under the sun), a steel shaft, and a length of 24.5 inches.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Blue Jean Umbrella. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $84.

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  1. William

    This is pretty nice, and definitely stylish. It looks like it’s a good size, which is desirable for me as being a big guy. At the same time however, the price is pretty high, so I don’t feel too great about that. There are a lot of umbrella options out there, by other reputable brands that don’t run this high. Besides, it’s not real denim material anyway–as this was probably impractical for repelling versus absorbing moisture and rain. I like the UV protection that’s promised with it, and can definitely see why this would be a popular product in a place like New York City. To each their own I suppose.


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