BOLD Knot Hides A Power Bank Inside A Keychain-Sized Ball Of Rope


Like other power banks, you can use the BOLD Knot to charge your gadgets on the go, giving you a way to replenish a dying battery without plugging into a wall outlet. Unlike them, it looks like the farthest thing from a gadget, looking more like a small ball of rope that you can hang off a keychain or a bag zipper.

Done up to look like a colorful ball made from braided cable, the device can serve as a stylish fashion accessory, a ball you can toss around during downtime, and a toy to keep your cat busy when the laser in his collar drains its battery. It’s small enough to hang in a keychain, as well as squeeze into a crowded pocket, too, so you can carry this with absolute ease.


Hiding inside the BOLD Knot’s ball of rope is a 700 mAh battery, which should hold enough charge to give most smartphones an extra three hours of talk time. Even better, it boasts a smart power circuit that allows it to charge devices at the twice the speed of ordinary power banks, ensuring you can untether your phone from it much sooner. It can even serve as a charging cable: just plug one end on a phone, the other on a computer (or a USB wall outlet), and it will feed the power to your phone. Oh yeah, it retains the faster charging in that mode, too, cutting your regular charging time in half.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the BOLD Knot. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $39.

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3 Responses

  1. Tristan

    You know this is really cool, especially coming from the coast guard–a big fan of all sorts of fancy knots! it’s definitely a new style and concept, and it looks portable enough not to be obnoxious or get in the way of other things. i like how it can be clipped onto a keychain or maybe backpack. 700 mAh is a good bit of power, and for less than 40 bucks you can’t beat it–especially with all the knock offs out there and lack of reliability in technology like this now a days since it’s still such a new concept. pretty nice touch that you can use it as a charging-cable too! i hope they have an assortment of colors and designs for this. i used to have one of these that was pretty much a fake car key and it was pretty net, until it stopped working about three weeks later–and i spent over $25 on it!

  2. Michael Coleman

    This is well worth 39 dollars for a portable power supply. The only downside I can see with it is my crazy cat would get high on catnip and take this knot charger and hide it someplace where I wouldn’t find it for days. haha Does it have a built in beacon? j/k. At least the bright colors will help. I love this gadget.

  3. Matthew

    Haha good point. My younger cats are pretty into catnip too lol, and they love to steal things. This is really convenient, and I don’t get the sense that you see this kind of creativity and quality product out there. I can’t wait to see these available online!


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