Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp Keeps Food Warm Without Ruining It

Cold pizza will still fill you just as well as freshly-baked carbs.  But hot food sure as hell always tastes better.  If you need to keep food warm while waiting for the rest of your party to show up, here's how you do it: the Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp.

Based on professional equipment employed by restaurateurs, the immensely useful kitchen contraption is reputedly the first of its kind to be designed for everyday home use.  To put it to work, simply shine the mouth of the head directly on the food, where it will send streams of infrared heat.  According to the product page, this process seals in the grub's moisture and flavor, instead of drying it out or altering its appearance.

The Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp is styled like a regular desk lamp and even folds like one for easy storage.  Instead of a bulb, though, it uses a ceramic heating element, eliminating the hassle of regular bulb replacement from your maintenance duties.  With the adjustable arm, you can set it at a variety of angles to accommodate the size and type of food item.

The smart appliance can be used with carving boards and platters, so you don't need any special trays to hold the food in.  One lamp should be able to cover a fairly large-sized platter, but you'll need to tether multiple lamps if you're going to keep a buffet of dishes at the perfect serving temperature.

While it won't keep your soup steaming, the Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp should easily work its magic on pies, grilled items, plated meals and appetizers.  It's available now, priced at $99.95.

Winco EHL-2 Bulb Professional Free Standing Heat Lamp, Twin Winco EHL-2 Bulb Professional Free Standing Heat Lamp, Twin

List Price: $161.87
Sale Price: $80.12
You save: $81.75 (51%)


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  1. H. Simpson

    The Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp is custom made for my needs. There is no fixed time for my kids to return from their evening expeditions, and it literally leaved me infuriated at having to heat up the food again and again. This heating lamp is all I need to simplify things for me. It is really amazing if such heating can retain all the nutrition of the food intact, apart from maintaining the outward appearance.

  2. Vika

    It is a fresh piece of knowledge for me to realize that such devices are utilized in restaurants and eating joints to keep eatables warm. I really hope that there is no adverse effect of infrared heating of food, as I am an absolute novice as far as technology and cooking are concerned. Nevertheless, the first impressions of the Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp are undoubtedly charming.

  3. David

    Hot food surely puts stored food to shame, but the problem is that one does not always get freshly made food. Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp might just be the product we all have been looking for. There isn’t much problem at all if this lamp can reliable keep the prepared food items at an appropriate temperature.

  4. Arnold

    I would like to know a lot more about this Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp before making my mind up. What about the power requirements? I certainly would not buy a device that reflects onto my electricity bills, even if I have to eat ‘not exactly hot’ meals every other weekend. However, if these concerns are acknowledged and alleviated, I would definitely consider it as a part of my kitchen.

  5. Akira

    Technology keeps on amazing me, and the Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp is no different. I am quite impressed with the whole concept of infrared heating of food to maintain it at the required temperature. It isn’t any fun having to grapple with food time and again before it actually gets served.


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