Sip Tubes For Drawstrings And Hidden Bladders Allow The Boozie Hoodie To Let You Carry Alcohol On the Sly


You know those hoodies that use drawstrings that function as headphones, so you can just pop the strings in your ears to listen to your music? Yeah, they’re awesome. The Boozie, though, is even more awesome, because it cinches using sipping tubes, so you can get drunk covertly while looking like you’re just chewing on your hoodie’s drawstrings because you’re a nervous wreck.

Styled to look like a regular hoodie, there’s absolutely nothing about the garment that inspires suspicion. No bulges, no cheesy alcohol-themed graphics, and no indication that it’s being used to sneak in booze whatsoever. Well, except for the thicker drawstrings and the large, drip-free bite valve at each end, which, we guess, can be easily excused as a fashion thing when you want to sneak drinks in -- something you can't exactly claim when pulling out a wine flask from your pocket.


Each of the Boozie’s two sip tubes are connected to one of two bladders stealthily installed in the hood, so you can start sipping off the right bite valve as soon as the one on the left runs dry (or vice versa). Each bladder can hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite libations, giving you a full 20 ounces of alcoholic bliss to partake on any time you need a stiff drink. The bladders are made from reinforced BPA-free plastic, each of which can be removed for cleaning, same as any hydration pack.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Boozie. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $95.

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5 Responses

  1. Maddie

    I am not a drinker, but if you are one, this is digitally for you. Quite a sneaky, but genius, idea!

  2. William

    This is pretty unique, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Quite honestly, I can’t even figure out where they’re hiding it, so pretty neat and definitely ‘passes’ the test! That is, barring bar security or other establishments don’t do pat-downs. I like the pouches idea, and it’s pretty wicked how you can sip your vodka or preferred drink through the strings. It’s funny, because you see some people chewing on them anyway–ick–but maybe they were actually getting their drink on all this time after all and we just didn’t realize it.

  3. amy

    This is so cool! I’ve seen people walking around with them and was wondering what in the world they were doing.i like how they come in different styles and colors. can some of them be themed though, or have special characters etc. on them?? maybe that could be something that was ironed or stitched on after purchase.

  4. Mike

    these are pretty crazy, I’m not a big drinker, but i’d definitely like to rock one of these around while hitting up different clubs and stuff. definitely cool enough to show off to friends and maybe even wind up being the next coolest underground or night-scene trend, agreed.

  5. joan s

    I went to a music festival one time and there were tons of people walking around with little backpacks filled with liquid. I’m sure it wasn’t gatorade. lol.

    These hoodies would be great for concerts, festivals, ball games, etc, if the weather warrants wearing a jacket. Otherwise, better not look suspicious – just get in trouble and good times will go down the drain.

    My friend told me that he had his wife pretend she was pregnant and they put a pouch full of alcohol in her waistband so they didn’t have to pay high prices for drinks at a concert they went to. Sneaky.


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