Bosch Softshell Heated Jacket Provides 6 Hours Of Heating, USB Gadget Charging

Staying warm ain't easy this winter.  Partly because the weather's really cold, but mostly because you just returned from spending three years in a tropical country where your entire wardrobe consisted of t-shirts, cargo shorts, and flip-flops.  Yeah, you're not in a white sand beach surrounded by coconut trees anymore.  And if you're ever thinking of picking up a jacket to help ease your existence in this biting cold, the Bosch Softshell Heated Jacket looks like it can be a sweet addition to your everyday cold-weather gear.

Armed with heating pads, it comes with warming cores on each side of the chest and another one on the back, raising the temperature under the jacket to spare you from the torturous cold.  It comes with quick warmup and three push-button heat settings, with the ability to achieve desired temperatures within minutes.

The Bosch Softshell Heated jacket is a work jacket designed for heavy-duty outdoor use, complete with a high collar, adjustable sleeves and waist, and rain- and wind-resistance, so you can wear it at worksites and other exposed areas comfortably.   It comes with two hand pockets on the outside, a cellphone-sized chest pocket, a large document-sized inside pocket, and a fifth pocket sized to hold the included 2Ah battery (6 hours of runtime, with an optional 4Ah battery upgrade).   Aside from heating the jacket, the battery can be used to charge your USB gadgets, so they threw in a battery holster that clips to your belt if you want to use it for that purpose during warmer months.

You can get the Bosch Softshell Heated Jacket from Amazon, priced at $172.

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