Brixo Lets You Easily Add Lights, Motors, And Sensors To Your LEGO Projects


They’re not the only LEGO-compatible construction bricks in town. If you’re looking for a way to easily add lights, motors, or sensors to your LEGO creations, though, the Brixo offers a dead simple way to do just that.

While it may look like your typical LEGO knockoff, each Brixo block is actually designed to conduct electricity, allowing them to transport the needed juice to run low-power electronic devices. That means, your construction bricks double as functional circuits, allowing you to add electronic functions to any LEGO project without having to mess with wires.


Brixo makes three categories of construction bricks: connectors, triggers, and actions. The connectors are, basically, bricks that hide a tiny battery inside, each one coated with chrome to serve as non-toxic electrical conductors. The triggers, on the other hand, are bricks with built-in sensors that allow you to switch the electrical components on and off, while action blocks consist of bricks that perform the desired action. For their initial release, the outfit only plans to release two action blocks: one that holds a motor (so you can put a spinning windmill on your LEGO NYC Skyline) and another that holds a LED light, although we can definitely see the selection growing if this picks up.

With the trigger blocks, Brixo currently has four types lined up. There’s one with Bluetooth (so you can control the electronics from a smartphone app), a sound sensor, a light sensor (so you can switch on the LED light if there’s no light in the room – perfect for a LEGO nightlight), and a proximity sensor (it switches on and off when it detects movement).

As of now, Brixo is still in the process of launching the product. You can register on the website to be updated as soon as they’re available.

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  1. Ashton

    Kids these days are so lucky! It seems there isn’t anything you aren’t able to create with Legos these days. I can’t remember the knockoff Lego brand my family tested for a while but I was really disappointed because the pieces never quite fit correctly and would easily come apart. That being said, I haven’t seen Brixo in action, however I have done my research. This company really seems to have something good going on. What I love so much about Brixo is that you can easily add lights and motors to your creations without any wires getting in the way. I’m wondering if Lego is going to make changes to their pieces as well to compete with this new type of block. Anyone have any news on an expected launch date?

    • Thomas

      I bought some Brixo bricks off of eBay. I thought I was getting Legos and not Brixos, but they paired up with my kids Lego set and worked perfectly. I have no problems with buying Brixo blocks over the Lego blocks. I definitely am interested in this kit. My daughters would like this, but I think I would probably play with it even more. Adding motors to your Brixo and Lego sets creates a whole new world of cool things you create. You can create a motorized Lego toy and control it via Bluetooth with your iPhone. That’s actually pretty exciting to me and I am glad that Brixos releases these because it will keep Lego on their toes and innovating new products too.


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