Brutus 750 Is One Stunning, Mouth Watering Motorcycle

If you're going to call a motorcycle Brutus, it needs to be monstrous in size and beastly in stance.  That's exactly what Caterham Bikes manages to deliver with their first motorcycle effort in the Brutus 750.

Yep, this is the same Caterham that makes all those throwback roadsters.  Except they're now dabbling in two-wheelers, all while retaining the same outlandish approach that made their automobiles such desirable creatures.

Billed to deliver "flexibility and driving simplicity," the Brutus 750 is an all-terrain machine that can serve as an on-road motorycle, an off-road adventure bike, or even an ice-faring snowmobile (note: you'll need aftermarket kits for specialty riding options).   Basically, it can go anywhere while wearing that semi-colorful look that's equal parts sporty, rugged, and totally absurd.

While aggressive in appearance, Caterham claims this is an ergonomically practical motorcycle even novice riders can enjoy.  Seriously.  Power is provided by a 750cc single-cylinder engine mated to an automatic CVT transmission, providing some decent muscle that you can access with twist-and-go operation (kinda like an overpowered scooter).  Plus, we're guessing those monstrous tires can help with some of the balance, apart from destroying everything in its way.

Dimensions are 2150 x 800 x 1130 mm, with a curb weight of 235 kg.  That size and weight, combined with the powertrain, probably means this is not going to be any sort of speed demon.  Just a demon of some sort (seriously, look at the thing).





No word on pricing or release date for the Brutus 750, but you can read more details and see other awesome bikes on their website.

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5 Responses

  1. Beren

    The bike looks interesting, but those tires are clearly designed for a 4-wheeled ATV. This thing would be terrible to ride, especially on pavement. Good grief.

  2. Jason

    In this city the cops would give you a BIG FAT ticket for riding those BIG FAT tires on city streets.

  3. josh from ca

    This is useless, trying to muscle a 518 pound on road off road motorcycle up a hill is exactly why that market has dwindled in sales. How can caterham known for lightweight sports cars make such a choice.


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