Buckycubes Are Buckyballs With Edges

Everyone loves Buckyballs.  But if you'd rather make shapes with corners and straight edges, those magnetic round thingies just won't do the trick.  These Buckycubes should be your desktop building toy of choice.

Literally a cube-shaped version of Buckyballs, they're just as magnetic, allowing you to shape a set into a whole host of different figures.  Even better, the flat edges should let you turn them into more familiar-looking items, like buildings and pixel-style sculptures.  Since they're made from the same rare earth magnets, we're guessing you can combine them with the balls, allowing for some entirely new sets of interesting structures.

The Buckycubes comes in sets of 125 little square blocks that you can twist and turn in any direction.   The sides of  the cubes will snap into place as you move them, so forming new designs is even easier than with the original round version.  Due to the shape, they're also easier to grab with a hand, since there are no round edges to make them slip.

Honestly, I haven't really figured out why Buckyballs are so mesmerizing.  I'm guessing the newer Buckycubes will have that exact same puzzling yet addicting effect.   You can pick up a set now, priced at $24.95.


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  1. headmon

    My point is there are TONS of things that are dangerous for children. Why specifically this tiny niche item buckyballs? Kids will just find other things to eat if you take away this one item. Why not ban watch batteries? marbles? paper clips? any other small lose bite sized item?

    As for me doing stupid things as a Kid, if i did something stupid… my parents would have blamed me.. NOT the inanimate object.


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