BugASalt Shoots Down Flies And Insects With Salt Bullets – Awesome!

You've stocked your giant gun safe with every zombie defense weapon you can find.  And you’re pretty sure you're also well-prepared if the apocalypse brings aliens instead.  But what if it ends up being a swarm of pesticide-resistant insects that end civilization as we know it?  What will you do then?  The Bug-A-Salt might prove to be your most useful handheld weapon yet.

While it looks like a run-of-the-mill Nerf gun, it actually doesn't shoot silly foam arrows.  Instead, the plastic weapon of war lets you wage battles with small insects like flies and mosquitoes by weaponizing the ordinary table salt.  For real.  That way, you can kill skeetos and bugs by gunning them down, instead of polluting your home with chemical insecticides and all that foul-smelling junk.

You know those smartphone games that lets you sniper the crap out of flies?  Well, screw that and get the real thing here.  The Bug-A-Salt is a miniature shotgun that uses granulated table salt for ammo, complete with slide-cocking action, an auto-safety button and a trigger.  For every shot, it will hurl a pinch of salt (several granules) through the air, maximizing your chances of hitting targeted insects with just one pull.  According to the website, the salt compartment can hold an average of 50 shots when full.

Maximum range is only 5 feet, so you can't exactly shoot at targets from afar.  That might actually be a good thing since more distance increases your chances of missing -- and this thing looks like it can literally blind people if you hit them in the eye.  It works with no batteries, too, making it perfect for a post-apocalypse world ruled by stupid insects!

The Bug-A-Salt is currently listed at Indie-a-GoGo awaiting backers.  It's recently surpassed the target funding, so cross your fingers and hope this thing goes smoothly into production.  The world might need it. Don't forget to watch the video below of Bugasalt in action.


12 Responses

  1. tim

    why on earth would you want to shoot flies with salt? You could only do it outside unless you wanted salt all over your house and even then why are there so many flies outside your house that you need a salt gun?

    • steve

      what is it with people like you tim? asking people to answer to you, why do you need this or why do you need that! its almost like you want people to ask for your permission for what they want to own. you are a typical progressive liberal! ( commie)

    • Tom

      I have one and its fun to use! salt all over the house??? close your friggin door my friend! it uses such a small amount with each shot… beats the hell out of toxic chemicals and a filthy fly swatter that sends pieces flying all over the place! the salt kills the fly but leaves them whole not splattered all over the wall or table!
      I paid for min when it was just a concept and when he finally got them into production he sent me one in the first shipment!

  2. worldclassmathlete

    tim, you are absolutely right, there is no practical reason to own that. But that in NO way diminish my desire to have it.

  3. jason

    i have one, and it works. we have lots of flies in the summer, i don’t know why. i’ve tried those zapper rackets but they are not very good. this thing actually makes it fun to hunt flies. and the amount of salt it shoots is minimal and unnoticeable

  4. Drew Taylor

    This is definitely a want item, not a need item.. Very clever and fun looking though!

  5. Luke

    Im from South Africa and need to know if it would work on politicians? Then I will need 50 please…


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