Bunkie Is A Space-Efficient Pre-Fab Cabin

Building a cabin on the property you bought by the lake sounds like a wonderful plan.  Until you actually get in the process of constructing one and realize for the umpteenth time that's you're nowhere near a capable carpenter.  Yeah, might as well just go pre-fab to save yourself the hassle.  If you're looking for something simple but functional and attractive, the Bunkie should figure high in your list of choices.

A collaborative product from 608 Design and BLDG Workshop, it's a small pre-fab cabin made up of just a single room.  Dimensions look about the size of a smaller shipping container (like the one used in the Sauna Box), except with a heck of a lot more class and style.

The Bunkie features a frame done up to resemble the traditional silhouette of a house, complete with a chimney on one side.  Construction is plywood and reclaimed barn boards for the frame, with glass walls for the front and the rear.  Since it just has a single open layout, the cabin is equipped with furniture items that fold into the wall, including a dining table that hides over the fireplace, folding chairs hung next to it, and a pair of queen-size murphy beds on the opposite side.  Shelf racks cover the remaining open areas of the wall.  Granted, you'll probably want a couch and a coffee table somewhere in there, too, but you can probably make that your personal carpentry project, instead.

No word yet on exact pricing and availability for the Bunkie, but you can sign up to the mailing list to get timely information.

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  1. kimbowa

    A slight redesign of the fold down bedding and it could be a sofa during the day… create a two-part fold-out so that the top of the bed becomes the sofa seat and a the foot of the bed remains in the wall until required. Would add another very useful layer to the effectiveness of the space. Additional cost would be minimal.


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