BytePac Kit Lets You Build Cardboard External Hard Drives

Hard drive enclosures and kits come in all styles and make.  Even cardboard, as it turns out.  And that's what you get with these BytePac external drive kits.

Made by Convar, it's a cardboard box sized to hold a standard SATA hard disk with all interface electronics included.  Just throw the storage unit inside, hook up the connections and enjoy your new cardboard enclosure just like you do with that Playboy Cover to Cover HDD during lonely, lonely nights.

Marketed to businesses (from the looks of it), the BytePac Kit comes in sets of three boxes, with corresponding SATA/USB interfaces, labels and sleeves (so you can mark them).  Each box measures 19 x 12.8 x 3.8 cm and is constructed out of a thick cardboard material.   You'll have to do all the installation yourself (which consists of attaching the interface module to the hard disk) , which shouldn't pose any problem even for the staunchest anti-tinkerer considering how simple the whole thing is.

The cardboard boxes can be bought as plain jane browns like any ol' cardboard or decked in colorful material if you're the fancy type.  The latter, which goes under the Exclusive Line models, should be a little pricier, though.

We're not sure what benefit you get from using cardboard enclosures (other than looking like the poor kid with the cardboard car while all the kids in the neighborhood play with their RCs), although the absence of plastic should make this an attractive option to the eco-conscious among us.  The BytePac Kit is available now, priced at €39.95 for sets of three.


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  1. Ralph

    It’s not only the cardboard that makes the difference. Its the flexible interface kit. With this kit you can connect today your SATA drive to USB2, tomorrow to USB3 and then to Thunderbolt. Try this with your standard external disk drive. Another side effect is that you know what disk drive you use. If you purchase a regular external disk drive you know the size but that’s it.


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