Camp Champ Packs A Fully-Equipped Mobile Kitchen Inside A Single Box


Want to bring a portable kitchen to your next camping trip, but not sure where to start? Forget shopping for individual items and just get the Camp Champ, which stuffs an entire functional kitchen inside a single wooden container.

Unlike most similar products in the market, this isn’t just a camping box with multiple compartments that you can fill up with your own kitchen gear. Instead, it’s a full-service one-stop-shop, with every single tool already packed in, so you only need to pick up one item to get ready to do some cooking in the wild.


The Camp Champ actually consists of two boxes: one nestled inside the other, with the inner box holding the main kitchen and the outer box serving as a stand for propping it up at working height in the outdoors. Both are made using boat-building plywood, with full waterproof treatment, so you can keep them out in the midst of rain with no problems. Open the inner box to reveal the full kitchen, which includes a four-burner gas stove, a knife block, a set of pots and pans, cooking utensils, a spice rack, tableware for up to six people, and even specialty kitchen tools like a grater, a coffee percolator, and a stainless steel strainer. Yep, all you have to add is the actual food. It even has garbage bag holders on each door, so everything is literally confined to within the small space.


Do note, you’ll probably need a handcart or a couple of people to carry thing thing, considering it weighs a whopping 154 pounds, with all the gear thrown in. Dimensions are 27 x 21 x 22 inches when closed up for travel.

Available exclusively in Europe for now, the Camp Champ is priced at €5,380.

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6 Responses

  1. B

    Awesome creation, but six grand? Dang. It should come with a cook for that sort of price.

  2. Joe

    This looks like a couple hundred dollar product. Doesn’t even look that sturdy. Great for those RV glampers looking to waste a shit ton of money. My budget for a whole camper truck is $4000 USD.

  3. E

    What a ridiculous thing! Bringing 3 years’ worth of spices, a half dozen different knives, a grater, a utensil caddy and god knows what else on a camping trip? This is not for people who actually camp. The price is insane and so is anyone who would buy this.

  4. Dean

    Something like this would be nice for small studio apartments if it was lighter, electric, and didn’t cost more than everything in the apartment combined.

  5. Shaun

    Saw this set up at Overland Expo East in Asheville, NC. It is actually pretty high quality stuff, but at 154 lbs is too impractical for routine setup when camping overland (difference places every night). Its also not something I’d leave outside set up either. Also… not sure they thought about the US market, but the paper towel holder doesn’t fit US sized rolls. I think this was an afterthought….

    In my opinion, this is really for someone who just wants the cool factor and to blow the money. All of this can be had for well under $200 and still be good quality.

  6. Abel Magwitch

    This is just awful. It was probably designed by some rich girl who contracted a handy man to make the box. You don’t need all that cutlery and you definitely don’t need the herbs and spices, most of which, like the Thyme and the Marjoram will go stale and discoloured after a maximum of 1 tsp ever gets used.
    People who think they need this type of glamping will be too ass lazy to actually use it. Other than for coffee and pancakes, which you can do on an open fire, it will never really get used.
    The price seems like a high end arbitrary figure thought up by the rich girl.


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