Finally, You Can Dress Like The Blue Bomber With This Wearable Mega Man Helmet


Want to dress up as Mega Man, but can’t quite find a suitable helmet to complete the look? Not going to be a problem soon enough when this Wearable Mega Man Helmet finally hits store shelves.

That’s right, you can finally cosplay as your favorite video game robot, complete with a faithful recreation of the Blue Bomber’s trademark headwear. Whether you want to defend the world from Dr. Wily’s robot henchmen, mine for refractor shards across ruins, or battle Commander Sigma in an explosive final duel, this is the crown you wear to find your proper form.

Sadly, you can only use the Wearable Mega Man Helmet for pretend-fighting, since this thing isn’t likely to actually protect your head during battles with its ABS plastic construction. It does have a high-polish finish, so you can blind enemies with your luster, complete with working LED lights, so you can dazzle them during battles. The authentically-proportioned headwear features a unique clamshell hinge that allows the front and back halves of the helmet to easily open for comfortably putting over your large head, with a soft-padded interior that should soften some of the blows you take, should you ever get in a fight at the bar after some unruly patrons make fun of your costume.   It ships in a decorative box that you can happily put on a shelf for display.

The Wearable Mega Man Helmet will be a Capcom Store exclusive, although there’s no exact word on pricing or availability date. It will, however, be on display at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

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  1. amanda

    this is so cool, two points for retro design! i love this idea, and while it’s not a REAL helmet per say, it’s definitely a really good idea. i wish they would make one of these with a 3-d feature to play video games inside of the helmet, now that would be cool! also, i wish the material was a little more durable, but i guess that will show in the price if not anything. maybe they can make a pair of these and megamans ‘hand cannons’ to having fighting matches with and create a sort of game out of it. for example, one that keeps track of hit points, special moves, etc. the Pink LEDS are so sweet on this! just don’t know if kids will have loads of fun with this or if it would be a very profitable product since this is considered such an “older” game.


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