This Adult-Sized Captain America Shield Backpack Has An Uncanny Superpower


Sadly, this Captain America Shield Backpack isn’t constructed from one of the super-strong minerals from the Marvel comic book universe, so it won’t quite repel bullets, lasers, or jarring blows. Don’t worry, though, it does come with a superpower. Armed with the geeky power of comic book fandom, it’s guaranteed to repel the attention of women if you happen to be anything over the age of 12.

A functional backpack clad in the likeness of Cap’s favorite equipment, it gives fans the perfect excuse to put a superhero shield on their back all day. Any time someone asks, “Why the heck do you have a Captain America shield on your back,” the answer is simple: “It’s my backpack. I didn’t even notice it’s a Captain America shield… I just saw it at home and needed a bag and… you know.” Yeah, that totally makes it not embarrassing whatsoever.


Rather than the original’s vibranium-adamantium alloy construction, the Captain America Shield Backpack is only made from hard plastic (yep, not even earthly metal), making it unsuitable for actual superhero use. It is, however, a fully-functional backpack, complete with a main compartment measuring 18 x 2.5 inches (diameter x depth), a padded laptop sleeve with a strap and closure, and two accessory pockets. Features include adjustable straps (between 19 to 32 inches long), two zipper pulls, a convenient top handle, and even a padded back for comfort.

An official Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise, the Captain America Shield Backpack is available now, priced at $59.99.

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  1. William

    This is a really cool idea. I’d be much more comfortable with it being made of carbo fiber, kevlar, or the likes so I would feel more confident carrying my laptop in it, and more likely to actually purchase and use the product. Throwing on some cool LEDS and voice commands and operations for opening, closing, and locking the device would have been some pretty cool additions. Maybe in the near future!


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