Wireless Stun Gun

The Wireless Stun Gun

The gun delivers a non-lethal electrical charge that immobilizes a person through electrical impulses rather than the standard tazer method, which immobilizes through the use of pain.
Nikkai In-Car Recorder

Now You Can Prove It’s Not Your Fault

This gadget uses a 1.3 CMOS image sensor to record footage in case of an accident. The highest memory card it can hold is an SD 2GB, but that is good for up to 18 hours of footage, more than enough when you consider that you probably won't be driving for all 18 hours, and the gadget is programmable to record at 2-3 second or 3 minute intervals. You power the device with two AAA batteries, or by a standard DC 12V charger.

Boxed Water Is Better…Or Not

PET bottles have long been an environmental bane, especially considering how many of those plastic containers end up across landfills on a daily...

Wi-Fi On The Go From Clearwire

With all of the wi-fi hotspots out there, it is amazing that there are still times when you just can’t find a signal.  Clearwire has developed...
Amphibious R/C Tank

Watch Out Toy Cars, There’s A New Tank On The Block

The Amphibious R/C Tank must be the brainchild of a military genius, because it's ability to simulate a real tank in battle is extraordinary. The Tank starts in a sitting position, looking as harmless as a... well, as a child's toy. But with one touch of your remote control, the Amphibious R/C Tank rotates its arms, setting the wheels on the ground, and takes off.
GPS Shoes

Never Get Lost Again With GPS Shoes

The NavSat Shoes go right on your feet to make sure that while all the other tourists are scratching their heads, you're walking with the confidence of a native. Using the same technology as what's found in a GPS, the SatNav Shoes guide from you point to point without any fuss.

Skateboard Art Goes Classic Nude

Nude oil paintings and skateboards never really meshed in my mind, until I saw these gorgeous hand-painted boards from artist Alexxx Castaneda....