• BackPack To The Future

    BackPack To The Future

    You’ll feel like Marty McFly with this backpack of the future that uses solar power to recharge your electronic devices.  Keep all your devices in this pack and use it to recharge your cellphone, PDA, IPOD, or even your digital camera. Not only are the solar panels tough, but they barely add any weight to the backpack and look stylish as well.  Looks and functionality!  When in direct sunlight they generate up to four watts of power so that your […]

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  • Whereever You Go…Illumination Awaits!

    Whereever You Go…Illumination Awaits!

    Okay, we’ve all been in a place where we desperately needed someone to hold the flashlight for us.  We try propping it under an armpit and then the chin.  Then we poke and shove and realize that it is too big to be held in our mouth, and try to wash out the slight taste of armpit on our tongue. Enter the Tracklight.  This handy little light can be mounted anywhere that there is something metal.  Then you just swivel […]

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  • Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler: Get Your Sweet Fix Without Gaining Weight

    Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler: Get Your Sweet Fix Without Gaining Weight

    Guilty pleasures are hard to resist, even when they’re really bad for you.  Decadently sweet chocolates are especially notorious for wreaking havoc on innumerable diets and attempts at losing weight. Harvard professor David Edwards knows it’s hard to refuse a succulent piece of chocolate treat when it’s staring you in the face, so he came up with something that’s supposed to leave you just as satiated in its place.  Called the Le Whif, it’s chocolate that you consume by sucking […]

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  • Boxed Water Is Better…Or Not

    Boxed Water Is Better…Or Not

    PET bottles have long been an environmental bane, especially considering how many of those plastic containers end up across landfills on a daily basis.  The real solution, of course, is for everyone to carry their own water containers and allow them access to refilling vending machines.  Since that doesn’t seem like a solution anyone wants to consider anytime soon, we’ll have to settle for boxed water instead. Boxed Water Is Better is a new company borne out of the desire […]

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  • SpiderMac Desktop Wallpaper Shoots Web, System Stats

    SpiderMac Desktop Wallpaper Shoots Web, System Stats

    Whatever wallpaper you’re using for your Mac desktop, I doubt it’s ever going to be as cool as the SpiderMac.  Creator Zack Shackleton took a real comic book panel from the half-spider, half-comedian wallcrawler, combined it with Geektool’s stats display and created one of the coolest wallpapers I’ve seen in years. I especially love the text bubble replacements, which show a number of system information using Geektool’s stats.  GeekTool, if you’re not familiar with it, is a utility that inserts […]

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  • Wrap-Around Photo Frame Lets You Decorate That Odd Corner Post

    Wrap-Around Photo Frame Lets You Decorate That Odd Corner Post

    It’s one of those things that look so attractive and functional, yet are so simple, that you should have been able to buy them decades ago. For some reason, however, you only found them now. Dubbed the Wrap-Around-the-Corner Frame, it’s a picture frame that’s designed to fit on 90-degree protruded corners in your home or office. Instead of just a single panel unit, though, the product combines 7 separate hardwood frames in one contraption. Five of the 7 frames fold […]

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  • Never Get Lost Again With GPS Shoes

    Never Get Lost Again With GPS Shoes

    The NavSat Shoes go right on your feet to make sure that while all the other tourists are scratching their heads, you’re walking with the confidence of a native. Using the same technology as what’s found in a GPS, the SatNav Shoes guide from you point to point without any fuss.

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  • Skateboard Art Goes Classic Nude

    Skateboard Art Goes Classic Nude

    Nude oil paintings and skateboards never really meshed in my mind, until I saw these gorgeous hand-painted boards from artist Alexxx Castaneda. He did six of these beauties, three of which are still available for $400 apiece. All six items are fully-functional boards, with all the holes kept intact. He painted over the surface with beautiful nude images of women in various poses. The images are tastefully rendered and look so gorgeous that I think he’s pricing it at a […]

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  • Customize Your Firefox With Free Skins And Personas

    Customize Your Firefox With Free Skins And Personas

    You can now customize your Firefox browser with different themes and skins. These skins are very lightweight which means they won’t slow down your browser experience in any way. Not that there is anything wrong with the default color scheme of Firefox. We techies specially like it because in search business, speed and simplicity is the name of the game. I also think these Firefox skins would attract more younger and female crowd towards Firefox. Yes, how many of you […]

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  • The Hotelicopter: Redefining Luxurious Travel Like Never Before

    The Hotelicopter: Redefining Luxurious Travel Like Never Before

    Those who like to travel in style will probably have to begin rethinking their transport arrangements once the Hotelicopter opens its doors to the public. More than being the largest helicopter ever made, it’s also the “world’s first flying hotel.” Built out of a modified Soviet Mil V-12 helicopter, the unimaginatively-named Hotelicopter features 18 luxurious sound-proof rooms designed by Yotel, with all the amenities you can expect from a high-end lodging.  Guests will be treated to affluent accommodations, including large, […]

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  • The Avatar of Exercise

    The Avatar of Exercise

    If you are the type that strives to be in shape but find it hard to achieve results, you need to hear about this. Perhaps you want to slim down. Perhaps you want to bulk up. Or perhaps you want to maintain your current state of physical well-being. But now that you’ve started working out, you see few results. This is because many people exercise, but few do so with the right form. Any exercise without the proper form can […]

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  • Insanely Cool And Flexible Furniture

    Insanely Cool And Flexible Furniture

    As a kid there’s a great chance you played with the most classic toy of all time, the slinky. You know, that multi fluorescent coil looking thing that was often tangled but somehow still managed to slink itself to the bottom of the stairs. Well in Miao Li, Taiwan it appears there’s one crazy guy who played with his slinky far too often. This environmentally conscious inventor is known by family and friends as Chishen Chiu. One day when Chishen […]

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  • The Ultimate Morning Jolt – Caffeinated Soap

    The Ultimate Morning Jolt – Caffeinated Soap

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