• River Surfing At Habitat 67 In Montreal

    River Surfing At Habitat 67 In Montreal

    Surfing is one the greatest sports ever. Only  surfers can understand what they get out of paddling out into the shark infested waters and catching waves. These waves don’t even have to be big, just surfable. We as surfers cannot even imagine planning our vacations in landlocked areas.  (disclaimer: I am a surfer and love it). But imagine surfing next to an apartment complex in Montreal. You say impossible, I say Surf’s Up. This actually is perpetual view along Habitat [...]

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  • Have a “Smashing” Time at the Battle of the Oranges

    Have a “Smashing” Time at the Battle of the Oranges

    Had enough of Mardi Gras already? Too many plastic beads stuck at the bottom of a kitchen drawer? Time to look for another spring festival then. If you happen to be taking a trip anywhere near Piedmont region of Italy next spring the Battle of the Oranges is well worth checking out. Once a year the usually reserved people of the Piedmont town of Ivrea go a little bit crazy. As the culmination of a week of Carnival the locals [...]

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  • Jules Underwater Lodge

    Jules Underwater Lodge

    Ordinarily, if you checked into a hotel and found out it was underwater, you’d insist upon your money back and then complain about the flooding to your holiday rep! But visitors to the Jules Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, actually pay well over the odds for the pleasure of having their accommodation underwater! The Jules Underwater Lodge is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. It’s a lodge and it is underwater. In fact, even to get in you [...]

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  • Day Trips to Chernobyl

    Day Trips to Chernobyl

    Forget streets lined with stalls selling tacky pencils, hats and other memorabilia and pricing it at four times what it should be just because it has the logo of some tourist destination on it. This day trip is a little more… well…. derelict. The word ‘Chernobyl’ probably doesn’t strike happiness into the very core of your being. That’s because most of us will be aware of the unfortunate event for which Chernobyl is now most famous: The nuclear disaster of [...]

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  • Rubik’s 360 Ready To Baffle Puzzle Lovers Starting Next Week

    Rubik’s 360 Ready To Baffle Puzzle Lovers Starting Next Week

    Tired of solving Rubik’s Cube over and over? Prepare yourself for a new challenge as the iconic puzzle gets a modern follow-up 35 years after it was first invented. Called the Rubik’s 360, it’s debuting in UK stores next week Ditching the cubic form previously used in Hungarian professor Erno Rubik’s first two puzzles (Rubik’s Cube and Rubik’s Revenge), the 360 uses a transparent spherical design with six tiny domes on the shell. Inside the sphere are two smaller clear [...]

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  • Gengis Khan Warrior Training

    Gengis Khan Warrior Training

    When I take a trip, it’s to treat myself. I relax and take in better weather, beautiful places and a whole lot of fun. But for those of you who prefer a more self torturous approach to your vacations, you might be interested in this. Recently featured in the BBC book, Unforgettable Things to do Before You Die, this Gengis Khan Warrior Training cultural and activity vacation is certainly intensive. Gengis Khan was the founder of the Mongolian nation and actually conquered [...]

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  • The Ledge Offers A New View From The Skydeck – Straight Down

    The Ledge Offers A New View From The Skydeck – Straight Down

    Afraid of heights?  Then you’ll be horrified with the Ledge, a series of glass balconies at the Skydeck in Chicago, where you can enjoy a view of the city that’s never been seen before – 1,353 feet straight down. The balconies extend 4.3 feet from the Sears Tower’s walls, right on the 103rd floor of the popular skyscraper.  From there, visitors can stand (in horror, we presume) and get an unobstructed view of the city, all while doing their best [...]

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  • Colorado Pontoon Boat Is Packable, Inflatable And Weighs A Light 69 Lbs On Water

    Colorado Pontoon Boat Is Packable, Inflatable And Weighs A Light 69 Lbs On Water

    Want a fully-functional fishing boat for you next outdoor adventure that you can literally fit into the trunk of your car?  Try Trout Unlimited’s Colorado Pontoon Boat, an inflatable seafarer that can handle up to 400-lbs of weight for you, your fishing gear and all the alcohol you need to forget life in the city. Unpacked, the boat sports a powder-coated steel tube frame, buoyed up in the water by two detachable, air-expandable nine-inch pontoons.  The heavy-duty inflatables come with [...]

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  • Build Your Own Home Disco With Color-Changing LED Panels

    Build Your Own Home Disco With Color-Changing LED Panels

    Turning your house into a veritable discotheque has never been easier nowadays.   Add a bar desk here, a couple of cool stools there and color-changing LED panels to set the mood.  Can you say funky? Unlike other lighting panels that come in a single color, these OEM LEDs can change into any of 16 different hues with just the touch of a button.  You can use them as accessory lighting for your living room, with a cool blue light to [...]

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  • Zero Gravity Wedding: When Sci-Fi Fans Get Married

    Zero Gravity Wedding: When Sci-Fi Fans Get Married

    While we’re still waiting for the inaugural space wedding, here’s news to tide us over.  A New York couple just finished exchanging vows in zero gravity and are, officially, the first pair to do so. Lovebirds Noah Fullmore and Erin Finnegan earned the honor after getting hitched inside a Zero Gravity Flight, which simulates the weightlessness experienced by astronauts in space without actually leaving the earth’s atmosphere.  The ceremony occurred inside a converted Boeing 727 jet, which achieves the zero-gravity [...]

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  • Chessboxing: A Biathlon Of Brains And Brawn

    Chessboxing: A Biathlon Of Brains And Brawn

    Fancy a challenge of both brains and brawns?  Take up the new sport of Chessboxing, which combines the mental rigors of competitive chess with the physical demands of knocking somebody out into oblivion. Originally concocted as a sport in a comic book by French author Enki Bilal, the first Chessboxing world championships crossed over to real life in Amsterdam on November of 2003.  Since then, it has attracted more athletes and even has its own international governing body: the World [...]

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  • Win A Millionaire’s Life For £20

    Win A Millionaire’s Life For £20

    Tired of your life?  How about replacing it with English banker Andrew Paul’s, who lives in a £1.1 million five-bedroom abode, drives a £160,000 Aston Martin DBS and spends weekends on a £200,000 Sealine 35 Sport motor boat?  That’s what you’ll get a chance of doing if you end up with the first prize on Win A New Life, a raffle that the millionaire is putting together to get his luxury belongings off the market. For the price of a [...]

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  • Download IE8, Help Feed America’s Hungry

    Download IE8, Help Feed America’s Hungry

    Looking for more ways to help out the needy?  Try looking into Microsoft’s “Browser for the Better” program, which donates what they claim to be the financial equivalent of eight meals to the Feeding America network for every download of Internet Explorer 8. We all know what royal pain IE 6 has been for many developers and that is why it has definitely taken a hit with browsers like Firefox, Opera and Chrome stealing away a considerable portion of their [...]

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  • Win A Star Trek Wedding

    Win A Star Trek Wedding

    Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to stop being a Star Trek dork.  This summer, snag yourself a hot wife while living out the geekiest Star Trek fantasy by getting married at the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (yep, one that was used in a real film). The Franklin Institute, who are currently playing host to STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, are holding an online competition to find a winning couple who will get their dream wedding aboard [...]

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  • The Tooth Fairy Gets Audited Too!

    The Tooth Fairy Gets Audited Too!

    As parents we know that occasionally we have to lie to our kids.  We tell them that they shouldn’t talk to strangers, but that a fat guy in a red suit breaks into their house each year via the chimney, and eats cookies and drinks milk before leaving.  We also tell them that the baskets that they find every year, were brought by a six-foot talking bunny.  Oddest of all, we lead them to believe that there is an organization [...]

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  • Summer Grubbin’

    Summer Grubbin’

    Ahhh…summer.  Those barbecues out in the yard, the time spent in the lake swimming with the fishes, and the picnics on the grass.  What? Picnics aren’t one of your favorite summer memories? That’s because you need the Outdoor Meal Kit whenever you picnic. Before the invention of this kit, you were only presented with two options.  You could get some paper plates and bowls and use them, in danger every minute a stray breeze blowing them across the park into [...]

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  • The Super Colon: Learn How It Feels To Be Human Waste

    The Super Colon: Learn How It Feels To Be Human Waste

    Like most people, you’ve probably complained about feeling like crap sometimes.  To be brutally frank, I doubt you have any idea what being human waste matter is really like.  If you want me to take you seriously the next time you complain, pay a quick visit to  the Super Colon, a gigantic, realistic replica of the human colon that allows you to experience how it truly feels to be your digestive system’s discards. Just like yesterday’s crap, you enter the [...]

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  • Rent A Bugatti Veyron For A Day

    Rent A Bugatti Veyron For A Day

    How much would you pay to drive the world’s fastest and most expensive production car for a day?  I’m not sure if your figure is anywhere near what Holders Vehicle Contracts (HVC) is asking for, but you sure as hell can compare.  According to the Berkshire-based leasing company, they’ll let you get behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 for an entire 24 hours at the price of £16,000 (approx. $25,500). So, did your number come anywhere near that [...]

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  • Geek Atlas: Travel Sites For The Science-Inclined

    Geek Atlas: Travel Sites For The Science-Inclined

    While travel books serve to get you up to speed on places to visit, they don’t particularly cater to those whose tastes lean towards science rather than cultural curiosity.   “The Geek Atlas: 128 Places Where Science and Technology Come Alive,” from O’Reilly, bridges the gap, putting the focus on sites where notable advancements in science, mathematics, or technology have either taken place or are currently happening. A unique traveler’s guide, the book ditches the typical tacky treatment of pop [...]

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