Ruckus Resurrects 70s-Era Kids’ Mini-Bikes In Adult E-Bike Form


Some bicycles are built for efficient city commuting. Others are equipped for taking on rugged terrain.  The Coast Cycles Ruckus, on the other hand, is the kind of bike you ride when want something fun for getting around the city.

Built for city roads, it’s being billed as a “bicycle for everybody.”  Well, everybody who wants a sleek-looking urban bike for short rides, food runs, and a trip to the mini-mart to grab a fresh six-pack (with this six-pack frame holder in tow). So, yeah, we guess that’s everybody who’d rather take a bicycle to short commutes than a car.


Inspired by American mini-bikes for kids from the 1970s, the Ruckus Bike is a modern version for adults in bicycle form.  As such, the focus is on fun more than any express purpose, making for an all-around city ride that looks custom built for goofing around.  The saddle is probably one of the first things you’ll notice, as it’s sized to fit two, allowing you to take the bike out with a buddy in tow, with the large three-inch rubber tires for getting past pot holes and speed humps coming in a close second.  Three gear options are offered: single speed, eight-speed, or eight-speed with an electric motor for pedal-assist, so you don’t have to kill your legs each time out.


Features include chromoly frame and fork, alloy wheels with double wall rims, Tekro cable disc brakes, and two size options.  It comes in three colors: red, white, and black.

Slated for availability soon, the Ruckus Bike is priced at $918.

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  1. Gregory

    The Honda Ruckus is the quintessential way to get around down at my local drag-strip. Some of the race crews and track staff are constantly buzzing around on their Ruckus to different parts of the track and pits area. As a teen, I could rarely go camping without seeing at least 1 ruckus running around. It is pretty nice to see a Honda Ruckus inspired bicycle. I wouldn’t mind having one of these. You probably would’t see me riding it much, but it would be a fun neighborhoods cruiser and quite the conversational piece.

    The fatter tires on this bike make it look good. It comes on 3 colors; black, white, and red. I wouldn’t mind a bright orange color if they made it available. If you are looking for a casual bike t ride around with that has a vintage look, the Ruckus bicycle might be a good choice for you to consider. You definitely will not be doing any steep hill riding with this or racing in the Tour de France, but for a fun bike this is a great choice. If I had an extra $700 to waste I wouldn’t mind getting one, but when I buy a bike I need one I can use for commutes to work. This bike just wouldn’t work for me.


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