Doc Is A Sofa That Turns Into A Bunk Bed

Sofa beds are great with their versatile functions.  But even the best sofa bed has to bow down to this: the Doc Space Saving System, which converts from a regular couch to a two-level bunk bed.

Made by Resource Furniture, the clever living room rig looks like an ordinary sofa at first glance.  Lift up the parts, however, and you end up with an impressive double-decker, complete with separate mattresses, safety rails and a built-in ladder.  Sweet.

From the Doc's product pictures, the mattresses look a bit cramped, so it's strictly single occupancy for each level.  Other than that, it looks wonderful -- the kind of fancy furniture you'll want to show off every time someone shows up at the house for the first time.

According to the product page, the sofa opens up into the two-level beds with a single lifting motion, requiring no extra work or assembly.  The frame, rails and ladder are all made from steel, so you can rest assured the thing won't crash while you're slobbering silly on the upper bunk.

Resource Furniture has the Doc Space Saving System in a variety of fabric and finish options, so you should be able to customize it according to your interior plans.  Prices start at $6,800.

Below is video of Doc Sofa Bed in action.




  1. Brent says:

    I am going to surf for other availabilities in terms of colors and fabric for this sofa cum double decked bed. Orange is not my taste, not even when it comes to drinks. Would be great if there were some blue or black variants of the same. It is really surprising to note that a single uplifting motion is required to effect the transformation of the sofa into the promised dual bed. Anybody smells a catch somewhere?

  2. Travis says:

    My current sofa bed is my favorite furniture item, purely because of the fact that it serves me well when my house gets invaded by sticky relatives. I never knew there was something even better than that. Truly, house invasions won’t be a trouble if one has the Doc sofa cum bunk bed.

  3. Freddy says:

    This is not the first time I ma reading about a fancy multipurpose furniture. What appeals to me is the fact that there is no compromise on either of the two roles that this product is meant to play. The sofa version seems spacious enough. From the pictures, it is clear that three people can easily fit in the sofa. And the impression of the double bunk bed is favorable too. I observe that there are no extended borders on the upper berth. But the steel protrusion in the front shall suffice, coupled with intelligent setting of the bed against the wall. Full marks, if I am ever asked for evaluation.

  4. Danny G. says:

    My word, this is rocking! The sofa and the bunk bed seem totally different items from these pictures. We had an old sofa cum bed a few years back. But the method of making it turn into a bed was so troublesome that we seldom used it for bedding. I am actually looking for such a product, but my wait might be a bit longer, considering the price! Well, at least I have a better idea of what I should look for in a product of this category.

  5. Underwood says:

    Holla, my kids would cover me in kisses if I bought them something of this sort. The Doc Space Saving System looks like one custom made product for me. I am looking at freeing one of my rooms by coaxing my kids to agree for sharing a single one. A sofa that grows into a bunk bed so easily might just be the missing link in my chain. Thanks a lot for posting stuff about this cool sofa.

  6. Pete says:

    $6800, is that expensive or what! Lord help the average earners like me! Buck up furniture people, and gimme something I can afford.

  7. Brian, if you really want an orange couch we have one!

  8. cesar says:

    Hi, I really like this couch , where can I buy one , and how much is it ?


  9. Hadeer Mahmoud Hatem says:

    please How can i buy this loveellyyy sofa and how much ?? ….please reply.. thanks

  10. Johnson Chick says:

    what is this sofa size? (Length x Width x Height) in cm

    I want to know size in Bed mode and in Sofa mode.

    thanks :)

  11. Pete says:

    $6k for a sofa-bed!!! i could buy a 2nd hand camper van for that price

  12. Linda says:

    I really like the whole idea of this orange sofa turning into two singles, but as a grandparent who would love to incorporate this into a small bedroom for grandchildren, I couldn’t begin to afford to do so. I only wish I could.

  13. Beverly says:

    I have seen this in a dark chocolate brown but they had discontinued it on that site.

  14. Beth says:

    Where do you get these at? I really want one super bad, they are awesome!!!

  15. Danisa says:

    buenas tardes que precio tiene? solo tiene en ese color?

  16. Michael says:

    Wow big price drop from 6,800 to 699!? Ill take it for 699 but not 6,800

  17. lois says:


  18. marilynn says:

    Anyone who can afford $6800 this probably has enough “extra beds” already.

  19. mybess not urs says:

    To expensive lower the price by 800 or 900 not every body is rich got it so lower the price and back off of the price and the poorish people

  20. Valkyrie says:

    im so redoing my room and i want xtra beds for my friends so this just really works out great

  21. Valkyrie says:

    just wait till something newer comes out then the pricing will go down ’cause people will go all over the new merch

  22. Kim says:

    Does this couch come in other colors?

  23. Amanda says:

    I really like this and so would my kids but there is no way I would pay that much lower the price by a lot and then I could buy this

  24. Rob says:

    Love the idea, it would be great for our spare room, although I think the price tag of $6800 is a bit steep. While I appreciate the design effort, I could never justify paying nearly $7k for a sofa bed. My opinion would be that a lot more people would purchase one if it had a realistic price bracket. I think you’d find the target market would open up and there would be a bigger profit made from quantity sold.

  25. Chan says:

    Saw a copycat of it on the China Taobao site for just 550USD , excl delivery costs, so maybe a few extra hundred.
    Maybe everyone can ask a friend who knows Chinese to help them order one.

    Ask them to search “bunk bed sofa” in Chinese on the Taobao site, but I dunno if they deliver to your countries

  26. Malissa says:

    Too expensive for this single mom. Great’s time for ikea to rip it off.

  27. Charlie says:

    Where can I buy one???? It is epic.

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