Covert Is A Hidden Universal Lock For Drawers And Cabinet Doors

Desks with drawers in the office are great.  Except the cheapskates in purchasing decided to buy ones without locks.  Which means you can't hide your ninja weapons there for fear of someone opening it and your affiliation to a secret warrior cult exposed.  Support the Covert drawer locks over at Quirky and you just might be able to solve your dilemma.

An add-on universal lock, the clever contraption lets you put a lock on an erstwhile unprotected door without looking like you added one.  Basically, it still looks like the same drawer.  Except no one can open it anymore.  Well, no one except you, of course.

The Covert accomplishes its sneaky task by using a locking system that completely stays inside the drawer, away from sight.  Nothing gets installed whatsoever on the outer panel of the door, with the latching hardware setting up with screws on the inside panel of the door and the upper panel right in front of it.

How do you open it?  That's the trick.  Instead of keys as with conventional locks, you use magnets -- which are installed on both the latch and the magnetic key you can keep in your fob.  When opening, simply put your magnetic key by the door and slide it to open the latch.

Of course, anyone with a magnet can also open the latch.  That's assuming, of course, that they know what you installed (you're the ninja, set it up on the sly).  Seriously, though, who the hell carries magnets in your office?  The Covert is currently still under  the "upcoming" section of Quirky, which means the community is still looking for ways to improve it before moving it to pre-production.



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    • Allan Lyle Hancock

      I am very interested in this locking system to hold revolvers out of sight, but easy for me to retrieve. Please let me know where to get them and the cost. I want to install them on a wide drawer so I would prefer 2 sets. Please let me know if this is possible.

  1. Shirley

    The covert universal hidden lock looks like, exactly what I need, for my little (but important) project. Is it ready for purchase yet—and if not—when do you think it will be—and what’s the cost? Thanks.

  2. justicefortravon

    What a great idea. They should be sold in sets of three…. . 🙂

  3. Patty Cordell

    I see a potential huge market for the covert magnetic lock system. I manage an assisted living community and am in the process of building a memory care addition. Memory care is specifically for individuals with memory loss that need a safe environment. If this product had been developed I would have looked at purchasing about 100 or more for the bathroom drawers or each resident room and for the cabinets in our common areas. This way the staff would only need to carry this small magnet rather than keeping track of a bunch of keys. Some of our communities use the magnetic kid locks I would prefer a more sophisticated approach.

  4. Kathryn

    I want one…. NOW!! Actually, I want three and I can wait a week. I don’t want to be unreasonable.

  5. Willie L

    Is this product available in the market and if so, where can it be purchased from in Canada or USA.

    This is more than the hidden child proof locks and is ideal for patients with dementia and Alzheimer disease.

  6. richie tyler

    if you tell me how much and where I can get some I’am making a coffee table with a hidden gun storage in it and need one for both sides and if the price is right i’ll be buying a lot of them so please let me know how much and where to get them thank you.


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