CPU Wars Volume 2: Okay, This Just Might Be The Geekiest Card Came Known To Man


Since they revived Top Trumps in 1999, things have gotten nerdier, with decks featuring comic book heroes, sci-fi shows like Star Trek, and films like Star Wars. While CPU Wars isn’t an official Top Trumps game, it’s definitely the nerdiest one yet, with decks that allow you to pit CPUs against each other. The new CPU Wars Volume 2, Battle of the Servers, takes things even further, adding a brand new deck with cards that feature high-powered CPU servers.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the first deck covered CPUs that made a huge impact in desktop computing, from the Zilog Z80 to the Intel 8086 to modern microprocessors like the Intel Core i7. The new deck, which can be played on its own or combined with the first deck, encompasses the significant CPUs that powered the chilly confines of the server rooms in offices worldwide.


CPU Wars Volume 2.0 adds 30 cards, each featuring a unique server CPU from the past 30 years. All the most important server CPUs throughout that period are represented, such as the DEC Alpha 21364, the Oracle Sparc T-5, and the Intel Xeon E7 series, among others. To sustain playability with the original deck, it covers the same eight attributes, including clock speed, bus speed, introduction year, transistor count, data width, die size, max TDP, and manufacturing process.   Each deck also includes four new booster cards, which enable players to "upgrade" and “overclock” their CPUs, allowing them to gain an extra advantage during a hand.


Available now, CPU Wars Volume 2.0, Battle of the Servers, is priced at £8.00.

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  1. michael

    haha this is such a cool idea! i love this, and for anyone out there that does hardware/software they’ll have a blast. heck, this would be fun just for educational i purposes think to play with teens and young adults. i wish they had flash-cards with the older units like the Commodore VIC-20 and the likes! Its cool that you can pit CPU’s against each other, in a battle-like form, reminds me of Pokemon or something–neat! I like the overboosting, clocking, and power-cards too, nice touch! now i haven’t tried volume one, but this version looks really sophisticated, and looks like it requires some brain-power, which is rare in my opinion in a lot of games now a days! the price is definitely reasonable, and by far this gets a U for Unique!


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