A Rolling Design Allows The Curve Runner Ruler To Easily Measure The Length Of Curved And Wavy Lines


Rulers are great for measuring straight lines. But what if you need to measure the length of something less linear, like a curve, a wave, or a swerving mess of a line? That’s what the Curve Runner was built for.

A ruler that can measure the length of any line, you can use it with straight, curved, and even the most irregular lines you can think of. It’s a super-straightforward solution, too, saving you from the hassle of making up workarounds on the go, whether you’re doing measurements for a technical drawing, woodworking, or scale models of your favorite objects.


The Curve Runner is a round, rolling ruler with measurement markers along the edges, attached to a handle using a medical rivet and a steel washer. To use, simply place the starting point of the ruler at the beginning of a line, then start rolling it along the line’s length, following every turn while keeping count of how many times it makes a full revolution, in order to ensure you can get an accurate measurement. It comes in two variants: one with an 8-inch round ruler and another with a 20-cm round ruler, so there’s a suitable option, whether you work with English or Metric systems of measurement.   Both the handle and the ruler are made from clear acrylic, so your view will not be obscured at any point during use.


Want one? A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Curve Runner. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $20.

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2 Responses

  1. Kelly

    This is a nice little tool for measuring curves like you have when doing upholstered vinyl. My dad always used his rule (tape measure) to guesstimate how much material he would need to do a padded edge for the bars he used to make back in the 1970’s. Remember how they had the padding on the edge instead of a wooden edge? You could lean on the bar pretty comfortably with those curved pillowy edges.

    This curve measuring tool would be good for that purpose, but right off the top of my head I can think of at least ten more things this could be used for. I hope they get the campaign support needed to get this going.

  2. Christopher

    i love the flexibility of this, what an awesome concept! i could really use one of these when I’m out cutting wood and granite at the job sites. i remember using a lot of make-shift tools to make make-shift measurements that weren’t always so accurate–but not always getting busted for it lol! this would be awesome to use for art too, and carving out different shapes with different materials too. the price definitely seems sensible, and i haven’t seen too many things like this at the local arts and crafts store.


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