Custom R2D2 Roomba Decal Turns The Robo-Vac Into A Star Wars Bot


Like many folks who aren’t too keen on regularly sprucing up our homes (hey, I’m lazy), we’re big fans of cleaning robots like the Roomba. They save us from living like pigs, so we love them like part of the family. However, it’s really hard to love something that looks so nondescript, so why not give your robo-vac a style makeover with this Custom R2D2 Roomba Decal?

Made by Bel and Bel, it’s a set of stickers that let you make any Roomba look like Star Wars’ most-beloved automaton.  Well, until that last one showed up anyway. That way, your erstwhile boring hunk of steel, wires, and vacuum technology can look like an adorable robot straight out of a long-running sci-fi franchise, giving it just an extra hint of personality while it cleans away every nook and cranny of your apartment.


There aren’t many details for the Custom R2D2 Roomba Decal, although from the looks of things, it’s just a bunch of pre-cut blue decals custom-sized to fit iRobot’s pioneering robo-vac.  So, yeah, you don’t even have to wait for them to release it into a product – you can just buy some plain blue stickers from your local print supplies store and deck your own cleaning robot with R2D2’s unmistakable livery.  Granted, it’s not as easy as picking them up pre-cut, but it should make for a more engaging experience.


Check out more pictures of the Custom R2D2 Roomba Decal from Bel and Bel’s website.

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  1. Pete

    I want this R2D2 Roomba. I have never owned a Roomba, but they have such a good reputation. I have watched many videos on Youtube about the Roomba. They clean with such ease, and it is all automated. The Roomba comes out, starts vacuuming, and will keep going until it is either finished ot the battery begins to get low. When the battery begins to get low the Roomba will drive back to the charging station and refuel on electricity all by its’ self. When you combine the Roomba with a recognizable pop-culture icon like R2D2, then you have me “nerding-out” over this.

    It is not technically an R2D2 Roomba. Like the article said, it is just a bunch of stickers pasted onto it, but it still is a super-great idea. I am going to have to go search to see what other Roomba sticker packages are around.

    Be aware that if you own a cat, the stickers on your Roomba may not last fot long. I have spent way too much time of my adult life watching videos on YouTube of cats riding on Roombas. The Roomba quality is top-notch, and they are definitely not a fly-by-night company since they have been making and selling Roombas since 2004. Although the Roomba would be nice to have, for many people it is still not a necessity. I think Roomba should do more marketing where they show how much time you can save vacuuming by buying a Roomba, and then with all the time you saved you can spend more time with your family.


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