Tidy Up Your Desk With These Nature-Inspired Landscape Organizing Boxes

You can think of the Landscape Organizing Boxes as small metal containers similar to Altoids tin boxes.  And you can very well use them the same way, using the container to hold various small items you want to keep around your desk.  Except instead of simple flat lids that makes them ideal for slipping into pockets, the lids are patterned with various types of three-dimensional terrain, turning them into decorative items that double as functional desk organizers.

Built by Taiwan-based Danzo, the collection contains lids inspired by natural formations found in East Taiwan’s Rift Valley, each one designed to serve a different function.  Need a place to keep loose change and paper clips?  Yep, there’s a box for that. How about one for pens, staplers, and scissors? Yep, that too. Want a stand to hold your phone upright on the desk?  As it turns out, one of the lids should handle that, as well.

The Danzo Landscape Organizing Boxes consists of five designs: basic, hill, volcano, waterfall, and valley. The basic is a simple lid with a slightly recessed top and rail-like protrusions for holding small items like clips and thumb drives, while also serving as a suitable surface for setting down your glasses or wallet. Hill, on the other hand, consists of hill-like protrusions with shallow holes in the middle for holding small jewelry, while Volcano puts a single tall protrusion for holding pens, scissors, and similar office supplies. Waterfall consists of a raised end with a sudden drop, while Valley has a multi-layered surface that functions well as a smartphone stand.

Available now, the Danzo Landscape Organizing Boxes are priced at $56.

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2 Responses

  1. Jason Wolfe

    Eh, these are pretty cool. For me, however, putting anything on my desk to help organize it is not going to do me any good.

  2. Pete

    I’m not a very organized desk. My desktop usually looks like 2 drunk rhinoceroses were mating. I am not sure if these landscape organizing boxes would help me get more organized, or if I would just lose the boxes under my piles of clutter.

    If I ran a design firm and one of my employees came to me with this idea I would have thrown out the idea without hesitation, but once you look at the pictures you realize this is actually a very viable and useful product. These remind me of what I picture Donald Trumps desk to have.

    The metal volcano would work for anyone, even me. The metal volcano is a very stylish and attractive looking pen holder. For $56 I think I’ll pass on these. It would cost you $230 to get each item in the picture above. Is it worth it? Maybe if you are Bill Gates and have money to spend, for me, I’d rather spend my money on something else.

    Does anyone here think these are a fair price? They are not even fabricated in the United States. Maybe if they were American made, but these are from Taiwan. The markup on these has got to be huge.

    If you are into Feng Shui then go ahead and drop some money on these, but I’ll keep using old coffee cans to organize my desk.


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