Eat All The Sith Lords You Can With The Darth Vader Pancake Maker


You take your morning baths using a Darth Vader Showerhead and perk up for the day by drinking Dark Side Coffee. Might as well supplement that morning routine with a breakfast made in this Darth Vader Pancake Maker.

That’s right, you can now enjoy morning pancakes in the form of an edible Sith lord, infusing your body with glorious power from the Dark Side of the Force. Pair it with butter and syrup, eggs and bacon, or whatever fruits you have stocked on the fridge. Either way, you can go about your day with a belly full of Vaders, ensuring you have all the energy you need to rule your cubicle with an iron fist.


Instead of the same boring round flapjacks, the Darth Vader Pancake Maker cranks out nothing but crispy cakes of Anakin’s iconic helmeted visage, all without requiring you to do anything fancy while preparing your morning meal. Just switch on the appliance, pour on the batter, and close the lid, adjusting the temperature dial across any of the five settings based on how golden or brown you want each Sith Lord hotcake to turn up. Whether you like your Vader chewy or crispy, this griddle will oblige. Features include dual LED indicators, a stainless steel construction, and whatever form of glory comes with being able to eat Darth Vader every morning. It measures 7.75 x 9.75 x 3.25 inches (l x w x h).

Available now, the Darth Vader Pancake Maker is priced at $39.95.

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  1. Linda

    Pancakes are a multiple time a week type of breakfast for our household. My family and I are always coming up with cute new ways to change up our breakfast routine. The first fun pancake maker we ever had was a Disney princess one. From there, we went on to Mickey Mouse and Death Stars for the boys. We may or may not be a little addicted to adorable foods. One thing I’ve realized as a mother is, the more exciting you can make food appear, the easier it is to get the kids to gobble their meals up. We are actually torn which one to buy next: this Darth Vader maker or a Frozen one.


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