This Tool-Carrying Backpack Comes With A Battery Dock For Charging Mobile Gadgets


We’re big fans of backpacks that double as USB charging stations, since they let you replenish your mobile devices’ power without having to carry a separate device. Problem is, conventional charging backpacks aren’t all that useful when your work requires you to carry drills, pliers, and other tools. Chances are, you’ll find the DeWalt USB Charging Tool Backpack a whole lot more suited for your needs.

Instead of a wide open main compartment, it comes with a gaggle of pockets for organizing any hand tools or power tools you’re bringing to the job site.  Whether you’re working construction, doing building repairs, or performing maintenance in the field, this thing lets you carry all your tools while keeping your tech charged at the same time.


Created in partnership with Custom Leathercraft, the DeWalt USB Charging Tool Backpack comes with an integrated dock sized to hold a DeWalt 20V MAX lithium-ion battery. Two USB slots allow you to charge a pair of mobile devices at the same time, with one tablet pocket and two phone-sized pockets for your gadgets. A tool wall armed with 17 pockets let you organize screwdrivers and hand tools, as well as smaller items like bits and fastening hardware.


Outside, you get three flap pockets for carrying even more tools, along with webbed carrying handles on top. Other features include a battery voltage monitor that prevents over-depletion, large pads on the back for better comfort, and a padded base to help reduce wear and abrasion.

Available now, the DeWalt USB Charging Tool Backpack is priced at $69.99.

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