This Dirt Pattern Material Shirt Is Impossible To Ruin With Stains


Are you one of those people who never get through a day without getting a spill, splatter, or some other kind of stain in their clothing? Sure, you can discipline yourself to be more careful and avoid situations where stains can happen, but that’s hardly a surefire way to ensure that the white shirt you’re wearing will still look fresh at the end of the day. This Dirt Pattern Material Shirt, on the other hand, absolutely can.

Created by MairWennel, it’s a shirt that’s been printed to look like it’s already filled with the most common stains imaginable. There’s some blood in there, a bit of grease, patches of red wine, blots of coffee… you catch the drift. Basically, it looks pre-stained, so anything that gets spilled, splattered, or wiped on the shirt just ends up looking like an organic part of the design. Awesome.


Described as a “camouflage” of sorts, the Dirt Pattern Material Shirt lets you cover up any future stain-related indiscretions instantly, so you can spill coffee, splatter spaghetti sauce, or do a million other dirty things to your shirt with no regrets. That way, you don’t need to walk on egg shells all day to compensate for your clumsiness – just go about things however you want without any worries, since any stain you get on the shirt will just look like additional patterns on the extremely-busy garment.


The shirt itself is a slim-fit button-up that’s made from 100 percent cotton. It comes printed, pretty much, all over to ensure you can contract stains anywhere without negative repercussions.

Hit the official Dirt Pattern Material website to learn more.

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  1. William

    This is pretty cool, and an original idea and product. But honestly, it looks pretty dirty–then again I guess that’s the idea! I don’t know how fashionable it is, but it definitely looks like it’d be a good conversation piece. I’ve never seen anything like this before. As someone that drinks a lot of juice and coffee, I definitely appreciate the concept. I’m much more interested, though, in a clothing technology that absorbs and sort of ‘self-heals’ stains, sort of like self-repairing tires. Now THAT would be a feat! I’m sure the technology exists, or at least it’s possible, considering how far technology and creativity has come. It’s nice that it’s made from 100% Cotton, but what’s the starting price? I couldn’t see spending more than $10-$15 USD on one of these personally.


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