This DIY Laser-Guided Blowgun Shoots Paper Darts That Can Pierce Concrete And Break Glass

Making gnarly weapons out of everyday items in the house is something most people can do with a little work. This DIY Laser-Guided Blowgun, though, is so cheap and simple, anyone with a spare afternoon should be able put one together.


Created by YouTube-famous “King of Random,” Grant Thompson, it’s a blowgun that can shoot different types of homemade projectiles at high speed onto a target of your choosing. Want to shoot simple paper darts that can make balloons explode? He shows you how to do it. How about a paper dart with a screw head tip that can shatter a wine glass? Yep, that too. For something gnarlier, he also shows how to make paper darts with wire nail tips that can pierce concrete when fired from the gun. It's beautiful.

The DIY Laser-Guided Blowgun is, basically, just a repurposed half-inch PVC pipe around a foot and a half in length.   For the paper darts, he used regular Post-It notes that have been folded into a conical shape then reinforced with tape. If you just want to use the paper darts, simply fill each one with hot glue to give it weight and start shooting. For the “glass breaker” tips, he inserted a screw at the tip of each paper dart, with the head facing outward, and fixed it in place with hot glue. The wire nail darts, on the other hand, are made by inserting a wire nail inside the cone, so the tip shoots out. Again, he used hot glue to fix it into place. Just add your choice laser pointer from the office supply store and you’re set.

Seriously, this thing is amazing.

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  1. Brent Morris

    This thing is amazing. I never thought I’d see a blowgun like this ever made, especially with a laser sight, that’s really awesome! Anyways, I know I’m going to try to make this, but probably fail horribly. haha! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ohYeahMan

    love the random guy! This is a tool that would be right up his alley! Totally fun and mostly harmless.

  3. crazycoolman7896

    awesome, cool, amazing I like the project so cool. Thank for the project

  4. Jay Hodgson

    I was hoping from this website maybe i could buy one off you for my son please reply he is really inspired and won’t stop going on

    Thank you Jay

  5. Dylan Byars

    hey I’m a survivalist and I would love one of those laser guided blow guns do you have any more I’m addicted to your videos: charcloth, bottle top containers, laser guided blow gun, arc furnace, so on so on.


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